Hi there!

I'm back again. I hope you are enjoying the summer so far, I know I am! ;O) We have been home to Sweden visiting my family for some days. We went to surprise my cousin for his examination from school. Was great! This time we had time to do lots of things but not all I would have wanted. Every time I'm back in Sweden I always want to do more than what I have time for, wish I could have stayed a little bit longer... time flies!

Now I'm back in Madrid with over 30 degrees, the other day we had 37! hot hot hot! Too much if you ask me, but at least it's great when you go to the pool ;O) we went yeasterday after work. Today we had the day off and we have been to IKEA, which means some more stuff to try to make place for at home and some Swedish food! jummy!

Tomorrow it's midsummer, I hope you will have some sun back home and enjoy the day and the night! ;O)

I will show you some photos later... now I'm off to bed! Sweet dreams!

Thunder and rain!

Hey all you bloggers!

Today is yet another grey day here... lately there has been lots of rain and thunderstorms around... the other day it was "raining" ice at home, but not like in Sweden no, ice balls big as cherries! And today it has been raining too much... here in Spain it doesn't rain like in Sweden either, it rains just for about 10 minutes at a time but it rains a whole lake in that time! I promise! today there was even water coming in from the roof at the office! And the toilets turned into fountains if I should believe my collegue that came back from the toilet telling us that there was water all over, hehe.
Well, that's Spain when it rains! But then again you normally get some sunshine even during the grey days, which is good ;O)

this bad weather makes me wanna go back to Lanzarote with sun and beach! ;O)

I hope you have a great evening! with some better weather than we have here...


Weekend and films

Good Sunday afternoon everybody!

I'm still on evening shift at work, seems that it would never end.. but soon I will be on holidays! ;O)

This weekend I have been working 13-21... that means that you get to sleep long in the morning and you still have time for a nice dinner and movie in the evening when you get home, nice!

Yesterday we saw the film "Beastly". Was like a Beauty and the Beast story, but a modern human version. I kind of liked it, I love the lovestories haha.. but I think Carlos was kind of bored as he started singing and moving around and stuff... hihihi not his kind of film..

I like films that makes you happy, like comedies, romantic comedies and so on.. soooo nice to relax and they makes you feel good! ;O) Then again, a film has to be really really bad if I shouldn't like it, because I like most films.. historic ones, accion, thriller, drama... besides the ones I already mentioned.. the only films I normally don't like are horror movies... DON'T like them! I don't see the meaning of seeing a film just to get scared.. but there are some good horror movies, well maybe because they are more phycologically scaring... like the Spanish film "The orphanage", that is a great film. It's so well made and the fear kind of grows within you.. I was scared for two weeks after that film! haha so I'm not sure I would see it again, but it I strongly recommend it to the ones that like this kind of films!

"Beastly", a typical love story ;O)

"The Orphanage", one of really few really good horror movies..

(pictures from Google)

Enough writing for today! Have a great Sunday evening people!


A visit

Hi there!

These days my parents have been here for a visit. This time they also brought two friends with them. We have been around Madrid to see things, eating lots of tapas and paella and had lots of fun!

It has been three intense but great days! I miss them already!


Hey and hello!

I know it's been kind of silent here lately... I have had a really bad cold and I have been laying on the couch for a week before I could get back to work a few days ago. Now I'm feeling a lot better and I'm back in tha game! ;O)

Tonight is the Eurovision Song Contest... nice! Sweden is in the finals this year, so I'm gonna watch.. we will go to a friends place to see it, so I'm heading for the shower now. I just made some "rulltårta" to bring as well, jummy! (a rolled cake.. haha can't explain it in English! so I'll show it to you instead)

mmmm... rulltårta! ;O)

I hope you all have a nice Saturday evening!

Hello there everyone!

I'm still sitting around in the sofa with a huge cold... I couldn't go to work yesterday in the end... I hope I'll get better by tomorrow!

Today I wanted to give you a tip about a Swedish designer that just a little while ago opened her own web shop WWW.AVANNA.SE. There you can find her really cool designs. Now you can also win an optional product from her shop through her blog, so go have a look!

The one I would like to win is this tank top, so nice!

I have been reading her blog for quite a while now, and this girl gives me lots of inspiration as she shows us all that dreams can come true! If you work hard, you can do anything you want! ;O)

Well, I hope you all have a nice afternoon! See you later alligator!

I've got a cold...

...and it sucks! I woke up today with a heavy head, the nose full and a sore throat...uff!
And I have to go to work at 15.00h! Well, I hope the afternoon will go fast so that I can get home and go back to bed again!

Well, as I'm not really in a good shape today, I leave you with some pictures from the birthday parties from this weekend. I wish you all a great day!

at Carlos´ sisters place celebrating the birthday of Carlos´ nephew.

at Lindas place celebrating her birthday, was a really nice party. Later we went out for a while as well. On the picture: Piia, me, Linda and Petja.

Alcalá de Henares

Good evening people!

Today we went for a walk in Alcalá de Henares in the afternoon, after I got home from work. It was really nice. We stopped by the Swedish candy shop there so I could buy some Swedish sweets! jummy! how I miss them sometimes! Then we went for some tapas at a one of the many terraces before going back home again. A really great afternoon!

The old square in the centre of Alcalá. It's so beautiful now in the spring.

flowers on a balcony, niiiiiice!

a pinted garage entrance... so cool! ;O)

I'm off to bed! From tomorrow I will be on evening shift so I can sleep long in the morning!

Sleep tight!

I really need to...

... clean the apartment, make something for lunch, go out walking... and what do I do? I sit here surfing around on the internet... hmm.. can someone come take my computer for a few hours?
Why is it that you always just wanna do this and this and this instead of get your ass off the sofa and do all that stuff that you really need to get done? Well, I guess when I'm finally off from work for a few days I just want to do what ever I feel like doing ;O) hehe what's wrong with that, right?

Today we have two birthday parties to go to, it's gonna be a niiiice evening!

Well, now I'm off to make some lunch anyways... I wish you all a great weekend!

Kiss kiss!

A long day

Good evening sweeties!

Today has been a long day and now I'm finally heading for the bed! Tomorrow is the last day of work before my days off! As I mentioned, but it's worth mentioning again, I have the weekend off this week!!! ;O)

Well today we had a meeting at work about the company moving and all. They will help us to get out on the "looking for a job" market in the best way by helping us prepare ourselves. That's good at least. Was interesting.

When I got home I saw we received the voting paper for the elections in the regions here in Spain that will be held in May. Don't know what to vote yet though.. have to get some information about the different ideas.

This afternoon I went for a long walk on the fields again, love it! Helps me to relax and gives me so much energy back! It's like Swedish summer here now, so all is in bloom and the fields are green... aaaaah sooo wonderful!

I also made a nice dinner for Carlos as he had to stay over at work, they had some problems coming up during the last hour. Well, so I made wok and then I surprised him with chocolate dipped streawberries for dessert, so jummy!

someone in need of a shower maybe? ;O)

the ingredients for "THE wok" ;O) hehe... chicken, onions, carrots, corn, paprika, pineapple, chili (or something like that) and the milk of coconut. Then you throw in some curry and some asian sauce you like as well... jummy!

dessert! these were so easy to make and sooooooo good! We ate them all at once! haha

I hope you all had a great day! Sleep tight and see you tomorrow my bloggers!

Fin de mar!

presents and other stuff

Hey ho and good evening all people!

I forgot to show you my presents that I got for my birthday ;O)

here's the dress, the parfume and the two necklaces, then I also have the tickets for the spa ;P niiice!

I made a chocolate cake for my birthday, so now we have had that for dessert during the last 3 days with strawberries and vanilla sauce! jummy!


Now there's only two more days of work before the weekend! Jippy! Today I went shopping a bit, got two bracelets and a skirt for me and then I bought a present for a friend because it's her birthday tomorrow. I hope she will like it!

By the way, the sun has come back to Madrid again and the weather is great! :O)

Now: the second part of the soccer game and then sleeeeep! I wonder who will win the semifinals of the Champions... Real Madrid or Barcelona?

Over and out.

Too early...

Hey there!

Good morning! Or really, it's too early yet to be a "good" morning... ;O) I'm sitting at work, longing for my bed... how nice it would be to still sleep for a few hours! But it's a new day and a new week, and a new year for me... my 27th year on this earth ;O)

Well, at least the sun is showing itself a bit behind the clouds now, it's a beautiful sunrise... so it might just be a great day!

Happy Monday everyone!

Happ..happ.. happy birthday to me!

Hello bloggers!

Today I'm now 27 years old! Well in the end I don't really feel older, you know.. just one day more that not so much... ;O) haha

My birthday dinner yesterday was great! We went to Pasta & Sushi for dinner and then we went on to go dancing for a while and have some drinks. I really had a great time, so thank you my friends!!!
They also brought me presents! How sweet! I got two necklaces and a summer dress, so nice!

This morning Carlos gave me breakfast and presents by the bed :P I got a nice perfume and tickets for us to go to the spa together, how great! I'm really looking forward to that!

Linda and me

me, Linda and Jorge

good looking girls! ;O)

my sweetie ;O)

A really good birthday party, says Ida

I hope you all have a great Sunday!

Happy Easter... and a mix of other things...

Good morning! I just got up.. worked the night shift for a collegue that was sick... now I'm feeling kind of up side down, but it's ok, otherwise I would still be at work today anyway... ;O)

By the way, the film "Rio" that we went to see the other day was great! So funny! I can recommend that one!

And of course I can't forget... I wish you all a Happy Easter!

Me, I'm looking forward for tonight, I will celebrate my birthday with some freinds! (I will be 27 tomorrow! how did this happend? I was just 18 a few years ago...haha) But I wouldn't go back anyway! I'm happy right were I am now, and I have so much more to look forward to!

Excuse me, who's are these pyjama pants again? hahaha ;O) 

Now we're going...

... to the cinema! We're going to see the film Rio. I hope it's good!
Anyone who saw it already?

Today has been a calm day with lots of rest and eating good food. We also went walking on the fields... nice nice nice! I really needed this day of rest to get some energy back.

(picture from Google)

We're off to the cinema! Have a nice evening!

Baked potatoes and soccer

Good evening!

We just ate dinner, baked potatoes with sallad and sauce, mmmmmm! I love it! And it's so easy to make!
You just put a big potatoe in the micro oven for 8 minutes, after cleaning it from dirt and cutting a cross in the middle so that it will be done even inside. Cut some sallad, tomatoes, avocado, corn, pineapple or whatever you want to have with it and then you make some sauce, for example cream and mayonnaise with dill and salmon... and then it's done and sooo jummy!


Now we are looking at the final of Copa del Rey in soccer, with Real Madrid and Barcelona... let's see who wins!

I'm off to see the game and have dessert, strawberries again! :P

The best thing is that tomorrow and on Friday I'm off from work! And Carlos too! Nice, nice, nice!

Have a great evening everyone!

This sucks!

The weather has changed! It's grey and rainy in Madrid and the sun is shining in Sweden! It's not that I don't want you all to have sun, even in Sweden, but the thing is that when we have nice weather, it's not that nice in Sweden and the other way around... and it turns out that every year for Easter the weather here is baaaad and you have all the sun in Sweden!

NOT FAIR!!! because I want some nice weather for my birthday on Sunday, so you better give it back to me by then! ;O)

So, you all in Sweden, you better enjoy the sun all you can!!!

Big kiss!

Ida is missing the blue blue sky and the yellow yellow sun! ;O(

Look out for the crazy foreigner!

Hello there!

I think I'm loosing my mind... hehe
Yesterday I went to the centre after work to have a late lunch with Yesi, a friend from the university here. It was great to see her again, the time passes so fast when we meet because there is so much to talk about!

Well anyhow... we went to the Plaza Mayor to sit down in one of the many terraces. We choose one that seems to have good food and to a good price. Then comes the waitor and asks what we want and we ask for the paella that they have on the card outside the terrace. Then he tells us they only have the things from the menu because that is a card for the restaurant next door! hahahaha I just wanted to disappear! And then we see that the paella there is three times as expensive! So we change the restaurant to the one next door! I felt so stupid! hahaha but really I think that is really Swedish to feel that way! ;O)

Then when we are going to the train/metro station to go home, she has to go with the train and I with the metro, but I didn't know she was going with the train. So we go to pass where you put in the ticket and go through to the platform. Well my ticket doesn't work, and I try several times and say: that's really strange! and so I ask a guy that work there and he says: but girl, this is a ticket for the metro and this is where you enter for the train.
- Oooooh!!! that's right! I'm sorry... (Oh, fuck I did it again, I thought). Just wanted to disappear again! hahaha what a day!!

So it was a funny day after all, because afterwards you can laugh a lot about those things!

Sleep tight! I'm off to bed! Tomorrow is the last day of work before I have two days off! Great!


Want to sleep sleep sleep

Good evening!

Today I'm sooooo tired! I had to get up at 5.15 this morning and of course I couldn't sleep last night... why is that, that when you really need to go to sleep you can't? so annoying!

But besides that it's been a good day today. My collegues at work are so great! I'm so glad they are there to make things so much funnier! ;O)

Now, tacos for dinner and maybe a nice film before heading for bed! Wake up alarm at 05.15 tomorrow again! Positive thinking now ok! It's gonna be a great weekend, I can feel it!

A tired but happy Ida ;O)

Sometimes things don't turn out the way you thought...

Good evening!

This evening we were going to go to an event in Madrid... but when we get there, nobody knows anything about this event and there's nobody there that might go to the same event either... OK, what's going on? we tought... and when we get home it seems that they put the wrong date on one of the pages because on the other one it said 10th of May! Well, shit happens!

So we went for dinner instead to one of our favourite places, Happy Wok. It's a buffet of asian food; sushi, wok, fried vegetables, meat etc. Was a nice evening anyway in the end.

Sleep tight sweeties!

My outfit for today. My new summer dress from H&M, love it! The jacket is also from H&M and the bag from Blanco.

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