Next week: Mallorca!

Good evening!

Today there has not been much to write about. I have been working, and then looking for something to do on my days off next week. And sooo...... we're going to Mallorca!
It's one of my favourite places, not just because that's where me and Carlos met once upon a time, but also because it has so much more to offer than just the massive turism. Well, while speaking of Mallorca, I'll give you some nice pictures from my time working there but also from my other trips to this lovely island! Enjoy!

on the rocks in Andratx, our special snorkling place :O)

The little apartment where we lived.

Me with my collegues at the restaurant in Santa Ponsa where I worked.

Puerto de Alcudia in the sunset.

Biking to Palma.

The Mediterranean Sea oooh yeah!

Well well, this was just a few pictures, I could go on and on and on.. but I'll spare you that.. haha
Later I'll show you the ones from this trip! Sleep tight!

Fin de mar!

Lunch in the city centre

Hi there!

Yesterday was a good day! I went to have lunch with a friend of mine from my time at the University here in Madrid, Yesica. We went to the central old square "Plaza mayor", where we sat down to eat on one of the many terraces. It was a sunny day with the perfect temperature outside. We also took a walk in the city centre, where you see a lot of turists this time of year. It´s kind of funny to watch them when they go exploring everything, making pictures and so on.

On his way home, Carlos picked me up and when we got home we had an ice tea at the balcony, reading the mail. It´s so nice to have the balcony now when the weather is getting better. I have breakfast out there every day right now!

And before I head off for work I´ll give you some pictures from yesterday.

Plaza Mayor

Me :O)

Have a nice afternoon! See you later!

The weekend

Hi there!

The last days I have had off from work and it´s been so great! :O)

On Friday Carlos only worked until 14:15 and so he was home early, as all Fridays. We just chilled out and it was a calm evening with some nice food and lovely company hehe

On Saturday we went to IKEA to look at some new furniture for the bedroom as I told you. We found some really nice white furniture, but we haven´t found the perfect matress yet... so we bought everything except the bed and that as it didn´t fit in the car anyway. So another day we have to rent a bigger car to get the rest home, but at least we have started now :O) It´s gonna be sooo nice! I´ll show you some photos later when it´s finished.

Yesterday was Sunday and we went to the confirmation of Carlos niece. She was looking so nice with a white long dress and curly hair, like a princess! :O) After the ceremony in the church we went to a nice restaurant. We got a lot of food and it was really good as well. Salmon to begin with, then really big shrimps and in the end meet with potatoes and vegetables. We all got a picture of Carlos niece in a nice frame. It was a nice day and the weather was great, even a little too warm almost.

While our camera didn´t have so much battery, we didn´t get so good pictures from the day. But here comes one of me from when we got home, with my favourite blue dress.

Today I have rested and done some cleaning at home. Soon Carlos will be home I hope.

See you later alligator!

Havin' a cold

Yesterday I went home from work early, I wasn't feeling so well. I spent the evening with a film in the couch with Carlos. We saw the Spanish film "Celda 211". It's about a riot at a prison and one of the staff gets locked in with the rest of the prisoners and as he was supposed to start his work there the next day, he start to act like a prisoner to fool the rest and so that they don't kill him. It was a good film and it seems like a real story, so I liked it.

(bild från google)

Today I'm back at work, feeling a little bit better. Hope it stays that way the rest of the evening. After today I have 5 days off again. That's gonna be great! Perhaps we are going to IKEA this weekend to buy some new stuff for the bedroom. Fun fun fun!

I leave you for a little more of work... have a nice evening!

Sunny days

So finally the sun came to Spain!

These last days has been really sunny and nice, and today I've been sunbathing on the balcony with some nice breakfast and good music. :O) This is life!

Anyhow, this afternoon I have to work and that's not so funny, and my throat is hurting so I guess a cold is on it's way... but but... the sun is shining!

On Sunday we went to Alcalá as I said. We took the motor bike and there we went for a walk in the old city centre before we went for some tapas at the bar I told you about. A really nice evening! And of course we stopped by the Swedish candy shop for some sweets! Too bad it's so expensive, otherwise I would have bought a whole lot more!

Me and my cutie at the square in Alcalá.

Swedish candy, jummy!!! :O)

Have a nice evening everyone!

Sunday, lovely Sunday

Today it's Sunday, and I'm sitting at work... still have about 4 hours to go. But the sun is finally shining and this afternoon I will go out! I think we are going to Alcalá, one of the old cities outside Madrid. In this city they have some of the best "tapas" according to me :O) There is a bar called "el Tapón" where you get one little plate with food for each beverage you buy, and the food there is great!

So let's hope for a really nice Sunday afternoon!

See ya!

picture from

What I miss the most from Sweden

Hey there!

Today the sun is shining! Too bad I have to spend the afternoon at work... but I've had a good morning today!

Well today I though about writing down the things I miss the most from Sweden. So here comes my list:

1. Family and friends, of course!

2. Swedish candy! Here the candy only taste like a lot of sugar.. and they don't have salt liquorice! There are some small shops with Swedish candy now though, but really expensive.

3. Swedish food. I especially miss the bread and the soya cream, vanilla sauce etc. and of course my mother's food!

4. Swedish summer nights. I love the light summer nights in Sweden! And everything with the Swedish summer actually!

5. The forest. I miss to go for a walk/ go jogging in the forest at home.

6. The service. Here you can be happy if the person attending you smiles and actually cares about helping you out. They all need a really good couse in customer care! :O)

7. Honesty and respect. Swedish people are really honest and respectful if you compare them to latin people.

8. That people listen. Here it's normal to start speaking when someone else still hasn't finished yet, and so they kind of all speak at once. I prefer the Swedish way of waiting until the other person has finished and then speak.

9. Cider. To have a cider in the bar instead of a beer!

10. The Swedish TV and seeing the movies in the original language. I can still watch a bit of Swedish TV on the internet, but it's not the same. Here they dub all films into Spanish, watching for example George Clooney speaking Spanish is not to recommend! 

(alla bilder hittade via

Well this was the things I could come up with right now. I'm sure I have forgotten something. What would you miss the most if you were living in another country?

Have a nice afternoon everyone!

Lots of food and caramel cookies!

Good evening!

Today I feel good about myself! I have done a lot of things and I have eaten quite healthy. I have washed clothes, cleaned a little in the apartment and some other small things. And as I told you this morning, I have also been to the gym.

An easy way to eat healthy is to make a sallad for lunch. Today mine was made of lettuce, corn, tomato, egg and tuna. And then I put some sunflower seeds over to get some more taste. As a supplement I ate it with a carrot. Together with a tropical fruit juice you get a lot of good vitamines!

Then to the tasty bit! Today I've made caramel cookies (kolakakor på svenska). So easy to make and sooo tasty!


For the dinner I made a mix of salmon with potatoes and vegetables, also really good and healthy!

Together with a dill sauce it's reaaaally tasty!

Carlos also likes it!

It's been a good day just being home. Tomorrow work waits again... now I'm gonna curl up in the couch watching some TV before bed!

Fin de mar!


Good morning! :O)

Today I have slept until late. I got up at 10:30 and made some breakfast and then I put the clothes on and went to the gym. Today I went to the step class. I love it as the instructor is really funny and has so much energy that he passes it on to everyone! When you get home you are exhuasted and swetting as hell, at the same time as you get energy for the day, a strange thing... it makes you feel happy at least and that's good!

Tired after the gym, it's gonna be really nice with a shower now!

Well today I'm gonna do some cleaning and stuff like that. Hope for a funnier evening when I'm done with the boring stuff! hehe

Have a nice day!

Ready for the summer!

Hey there!

Today as I said I went to do some summer shopping with a friend from work. We went to one of the many big shopping centres there are here in Madrid. We stayed almost all day long and I baught a lot of things! Of course I've made some pictures so that I can show them to you!

New bikini, sandals, scarf and face masks, all from H&M.

Summer dress, also from H&M. A lot of colours!

Stripes for the summer! Of course, also from H&M. :O)

Lila and summer blue with dots! These ones are actually not from H&M, they are from NewYorker. They have a lot of nice and colourfull clothes there. I like!

Well this was all for me. Then I bought this bag for my mum, as she wanted one. Hope you like it mum!

Black bag from the shop Blanco.

Well, well, this was the result of my summer shopping! I'm very happy about it! :O)
So now I'm ready for you, summer here I come!

Fin de mar!

Summer dresses

God evening!

I'm sitting at work... just a few minutes until I can go home! And then two days off as I said before! Great!

As I'm going shopping tomorrow I was sitting looking a bit for some nice clothes on the net and accedentally I ended up at Lindex homepage. The bad thing is that there are no Lindex shops here in Spain, but I found some really cute dresses! Check them out:

I want them all! :O) Specially the one in the middle! Love it! (you find them on

Well now I'm gonna shut down here to go home! Sleep thight! I'll get back tomorrow about my day of shopping!

Fin de mar!


Hi there!

Today I'm a bit sleepy... I'm working evening shift at work today. It was so great to sleep until late this morning, well I only slept until 9.30, but after getting up at 5 every morning during the weekend it felt like a whole lot of extra sleep! Tomorrow and on Thursday I finally have off! Tomorrow I'll go shopping with a friend from work, it's gonna be so much fun! I love shopping!

I'm sorry for the non-existing update yesterday. I was so tired after work and I had to wash some clothes and all that boring things in the afternoon and then I went to the pilates class at the gym to strech out the muscles a little bit. You feel so much better afterwards!

Well this evening probably won't get very exiting as I'll work until 23. But hey, my collegues are great so I'll have fun anyway!

Have a nice evening!

Very nice hair cut

Good evening!

As I thought, when I got home from work I had lunch and then me and Carlos curled up infront of the TV to see a film. We saw "Men who stare at goats" or something like that I think it's called. Was a strange but kind of funny film with quite a lot of criticism underneath the jokes. I liked it. After the film we went for a walk to have some fresh air as the sun finally came out for a few hours this evening. Really a strange weather today... one moment the rain is pouring down and the next the sun is shining for a little while and then there comes the thunder and lightning and the rain again.... well it was great to get out and move a bit at least.

By the way, I was looking at some old pictures just now and found one where I have one of my favorite hair cuts that I have had... so I just wanted to show you..

nice, isn't it? :O) This was in 2008. I'm thinking of cutting my hair like that again... we'll see!

Now I have to go to bed as I have my last early shift tomorrow! On Thuesday I work late and then I have two days off! I'm longing already!

Sleep tight!
Fin de mar!

Work, work, work on a grey day

Hello out there!

Today I'm tired of the grey clouds that seem to have come to Madrid to stay... but no, no, I won't let them! Hopefully we will have some sun soon, very soon!

I'm sitting at work doing nothing at the moment... waiting for the clock to turn 15:00 so I can go home... tick tack, tick tack.... why does the time go soooo slow when you are waiting for something? Anyone knows? :O)

Well this afternoon I still don't know what I will do, but I'll come up with something! Hopefully! Looking forward to get home from work at least! And after the very early getting up this morning, I'm very tempted to curl up in the couch to see another film on TV. Hopefully a good one!

Have a nice Sunday afternoon everyone!

Carlos' special banana milkshake

Hi everyone!

This afternoon when I got home from work my darling had made me lunch just as I hoped! Soo sweet! After lunch I watched a film on TV and then I haven't done much more today... and as I'm working the early shift tomorrow too, I have to go to bed early tonight.

Well, the other day Carlos made this great banana milkshake so I though of giving you the recipe, so here it comes:

3-4 bananas (big and almost brown ones)
1,5 dl of sugar
1 tsk of cinnamon
1 msk of cacao
2 dl of ice-tea (peach)
1/2 l of milk (it's also great with soya milk for those of you who can't have normal milk like me)

Mix it all in the mixer and serve very cold. Jummy!

Have a great evening!

Fin de mar!

Too early in the morning

Hello all happy people!

Now I'm working morning shift and I have to get up at 5.... it's far too earliy for me and I almost fall asleep at work. Today I stayed in bed until 5:30 though, hoping that the time would go backwards instead, but no...

Yesterday was a good day, I had a lot of fun at work with my collegues and afterwards I met up with Carlos and we went eating at one of our favourite places, Makro, where they have the best paella (a Spanish rice dish with vegetables, meat and shellfish), jummy! After a power nap on the couch we went to the latin rhythms class at the gym. Then a pizza in front of the TV before bed.

Today I hope Carlos have made lunch until I get home from work, and for dessert there will be strawberries! I love strawberries! :P  Even if I must say that the Swedish ones are more tasty than the Spanish ones.

(bild från via Google)

Well, I'm hoping for a nice afternoon after work! Have a nice day everyone!

My bracelet

Hi everyone!

You won't believe what I found in my mail box the other day!
Yes, my bracelet that someone had stolen! We put up an angry note in the entrance of our buildning and it worked! I'm so happy to get it back and it's really nice! So finally I had my birthday present from my parents after all.

This is the bracelet:

with this little seastar on it:

(the pictures are from Thomas Sabos oficial home page,

Have a nice day everyone!

Hinking in the national park Alto Tajo

Hi there!

I promised to put up some pictures from our hike the other day. So here they come!

One of the many artificial lakes in the mountains outside Madrid. It's the water that later comes out of the pipes at home :O) Beautiful landscape!

A village we passed by on the way to the national park.

Me and Carlos by the old water power station in the national park.

An other one of us

The river "el Tajo" that starts up here in the mountains. It is one of the bigger rivers in Spain.

The highest peak around there. We came only to the part where the forrest ends :O) Then you have to climb if you want to go higher.

The river again. Beautiful clear water. You could see the fish swimming around hehe

Me on the path in the woods.

Me again, on the road where we started and ended the hike. Beautiful view of the forrest and the mountains.

Well that was all folks!

Have a nice evening!

Fin de mar!

My birthday and a whole lot of other days

Hello out there!

Well, it's been a while since I wrote now.

I'll start from the 24th of April, when I turned 26... yes, I'm getting older hehe.
In the morning I worked, until 15:00h. When I got home Carlos had made lunch for me, my favourite, wook and rice. Love it! Then he gave me the presents and we started preparing for the dinner that we were having in the evening for some friends. I got to see a friend that I hadn't seen in 2,5 years, who has reacenly moved to Madrid for work, so that was great. In total it was a really nice evening! Thank you to those who were here and for the nice presents! :O)
Sorry, but I forgot to make pictures... so no ones to put up here.

After my birthday, that was on the Saturday, I worked until the Thursday the week after. I also went to the gym of course, and one afternoon me and Carlos went to the park to have some sun and to go for a walk. We have also gone for long walks in the nice weather here around Meco. It's so nice because the fields are so green now.

outside the village

Meco in the sunset

On the Friday last week I started my 5 days off! On the Friday I didn't do much, rest and try to find out what to do during the weekend. I wanted to get away for a while and do something fun. In the end we didn't find a good trip to do as Carlos only had 3 days and he didn't want to drive too long as he had been spending a lot of time in the car at work that week. So, on the Saturday we decided to stay in Madrid, we took the motorbike to the city centre and went to the theater in La Latina to see the musical "Peter Pan". It was really good and I love theater so I enjoyed it a lot. Afterwards we went to the park "el Retiro" closeby and had ice-cream and went for a walk there. It was a really nice day and perfect temperature outside.

Peter Pan, the musical. Picture from

In the Retiro park

Retiro park

On the Sunday we went to the national park "Alto Tajo" about 170 km from here, to go hiking, but just for the day. We took one of the several rutes there is and then we started an other one, ending up making our own to get back to the start hehe. Luckily Carlos had been there working during these last weeks as his company has electrical towers over there, so he knew more or less the way to get back down the hill and though the woods. The nature in the park is really beautiful with the river going cross with it's transparent water, the pine trees growing everywhere they can and a lot of other plants and of course animals. It was a great day in the nature and we returned home late, tired and happy :O) After a nice and warm shower we ate and then we made popcorn and watched the last part of the Millenium triology of Stieg Larsson.
Pictures will come later.

Yesterday, Monday, we went to the shopping centre for some clothes and food. I bought a beach dress, a jacket and two "boleros" (I don't know what they are called in English). When we got home, the present that my family sent me for my birthday had arrived, only that some stupid person already had opened it and stolen the bracelet. I don't understand this people, how can you open and steel a present from someone else? And how can you then leave the paper and the envelope with the rest there as a prof that you have no feelings in your body? Well, I won't get it back, and I'm not sad for the money but because it was a present from my family that I don't see so often anymore.

Today I'm just gonna rest and do some laundry and other things at home, and tomorrow the work is waiting.

Have a nice day everyone!

Fin de mar!

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