Back in Madrid

Hey and hello!

Now I'm back home again. I have had the greatest holidays! I'll tell you more later and I'll show you some pictures from my adventures in Sweden.

Hope you are all doing great in the summer heat. Here in Madrid the warm weather has gone too warm as always during these days of July and August. But, hey... what to do? At night the temperature is perfect at least :O)

So, back to work and the everyday life again. How boring that sounds... but it isn't, not at all! You just have to make it a little interesting yourself! Positive thinking! haha

Have a nice afternoon! I'm off to work!

Sweden here I come!

Good evening!

Now my last workday before the vacations is almost over!!! Tomorrow we leave for Sweden!

I don't know when I will be able to update the blog, but I'll try to get some access to internet while I'm there.

So until further notice......   have fun and enjoy the summer!!!


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Three days left and counting down!

Hey there!

Now it's only three days left until I have vacations and we are going home to Sweden for almost 2 weeks!!! I can't wait!

It's gonna be great! First we are going to Göteborg (Gothenburg) to visit my sister and some of my friends, some partying there as well, yeay!! ;O)

Then I think we are going camping with my family and last but not least we are going home to my roots haha, the little but very special village of Sibbhult! ;O) There I will meet some more family and my friend Sandra and her little baby! So exciting! I'm so happy for you!

I can't wait to see you all!!! Miss yooooou so much!


World Champions!!!!

Yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaah!!!!  Spain won! Congratulations to the team and all of Spain!!!!

We went to see the second half of the game to a terrace near my work together with the friends of Carlos. It was so exciting because they were so even, although Spain was playing better so they deserved the victory I must say. After the game we went to the fountain of that part of the city and there were thousands of people on the street trying to have the famous victory bath in the fountain that is the tradition to do when Spain wins. What an emotion!!! All these people so happy and dancing and shouting!!!

What a great evening!!!! 

I am sorry to say that I forgot the camara so I only got a few pictures with my mobile, I have to try to get them into the computer later. But I took one of myself when we got home.... a little bit of a "crazy me" on this picture... but hey, what's to expect after all that celebration and excitment!

Of course I have a red t-shirt, a Spanish flag and my typical tourist fan with the Spanish bull on it! haha

World Cup Final

Hey there!

Sorry about the long silence on my blog... I'll show you some pictures from my latest adventures very soon!

But today I have to talk about the WORLD CUP FINAL in football!!! Unfortunately I'll miss half of the game as I'm working until 21:00 today.... but I will not miss the end of it!! Spain will play against Holland, what a game it will be! Guess who I hope will win???

SPAIN!!!  of course! ;O) Now that I'm living here and Sweden didn't even enter the championship this time... so then I'm with Spain for this one!


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Funny words


Have you ever thought about how many words that actually means something else in another language? And there are many of them that makes you laugh and that can get you into some serious missunderstandings.... hehe

I came to think about this today and it's always so funny so I'm gonna share with you some of my examples and maybe you can add some more!

First of all there are always funny names... like Brad Pitt for example, because in Swedish "Pitt" means "dick"... and Dick is also a very funny name in English! haha How can you give your son that name?!
Then of course my grandfather's name, Uno... which means "one" in Spanish and Linda that means "cute" or "beautiful" and my name Ida that means "one way (ticket)" in Spanish! haha
Then there is the name Ann Ahl in Swedish that if you say it sounds like "anal"... ;O) or the surnames Redondo and Gordo in Spanish which means "round" and "fat"... that's kind of funny!

Then there are sooo many words... here comes some of them:

fart ("speed" in Swedish, but in English it is something quite different!)
kock ("chef" in Swedish, and with another spelling something else in English.... hihi)
fack ("box" or "compartment" in Swedish...if you spell it differently you get an ugly English word)
hora ("whore" in Swedish, means hour in Spanish)
hit ("this way" in Swedish, means something else in English)
slut ("finished" in Swedish, and again something else in English... hehe)
faster (means "quicker" in english and "aunt" in Swedish)
Gun (a name in Sweden and a weapon in England)
prick (a "dot" or "spot" in Swedish and a "dick" in English)

Then finally the best of them all: the car Honda Fitta.... for those of you who aren't Swedish "fitta" in Swedish means "cunt". A really ugly word as you see... and I'm not surprised that the car never came to Sweden with that name! hahahaha

Hope you had fun, because I did! Have a nice evening everyone!

Ida (y vuelta) = tur (och retur) , Ida = one way ;O) hihihi

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