Happy Easter... and a mix of other things...

Good morning! I just got up.. worked the night shift for a collegue that was sick... now I'm feeling kind of up side down, but it's ok, otherwise I would still be at work today anyway... ;O)

By the way, the film "Rio" that we went to see the other day was great! So funny! I can recommend that one!

And of course I can't forget... I wish you all a Happy Easter!

Me, I'm looking forward for tonight, I will celebrate my birthday with some freinds! (I will be 27 tomorrow! how did this happend? I was just 18 a few years ago...haha) But I wouldn't go back anyway! I'm happy right were I am now, and I have so much more to look forward to!

Excuse me, who's are these pyjama pants again? hahaha ;O) 


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