Rain rain rain

Hey there!

Well, these last days there hasn't been any news...  I sleep almost the whole day as I'm working during the night... only one and a half nights left! yeaaah! :O) And then 5 days off! That's one of the good things with this job! Then I will have time to see some friends, go shopping, rest and a whole lot of other things!

Today I went to the gym before coming to work, some aerobics always do you good! And the sun came out this afternoon, but then it was raining again when I went to work.... I hoooope this weather will change soon! very soon! We were gonna go to the park tomorrow, but it looks as though that won't happen...

let's hope the weather will be better for Saturday! Yes, Saturday it is!

Fin de mar!


Hello there!

After getting home from the vacations in Sweden, I have mostly spent my time at work, at the gym and at home...
Now, that sounds a bit boring, but the thing is that it's not that boring at all... it just depends on how fun you make it! :O)

Well I have done some other things as well actually. One of these sunny days I went to the centre to spend the morning with José, one of my Spanish friends from the university. We went shopping for a while and then we had lunch together before he left for work and I stayed for another round in the shops :O)
It was a nice day and it's always fun to meet my friends!

On the easter Thursday me and Carlos had the day off and we took the motorbike for the first ride of the year. We went to Carlos' sisters house in the mountains, where they where spending the holiday. We had lunch there and went on a walk in the village as the weather was nice. It was great to get away for a while and just enjoy the moment.

Carlos on his bike

Me in my nice biker clothes ;O) hihi

The view from the road

On the Easter weekend I was working late shift and I spent the mornings at home with Carlos. On Easter Saturday we painted the eggs for breakfast as the tradition in Sweden and we had meatballs and potatoes for lunch. So at least I got to celebrate a little of Swedish easter :O)

Last friday, on the 9th of April I had a dinner with my collegues from work. We went to a kind of meat restaurant where the specialty was bull meat. The food was ok and the evening was great, I had a great time! After the dinner we went to a closeby bar to have a drink together and Carlos joined us as well. The clock was already past 3 in the morning when we went home.

at the dinner, and no, I'm not sleeping ;O)

The day after I slept until late as I was going to start on the night shift. And now I'm on my 4th night, which means I have only 3 left! :O)

Well, that's all for this time! Have fun and enjoy the spring!

Fin de mar!

Sälen, 14-21th of march 2010

Hej allihop!

Jag ber om ursäkt för de som inte pratar engelska, men efter att flera av mina vänner har bett mig att skriva på engelska istället så att de kan förstå, så har jag beslutat att göra det eftersom jag vill att så många som möjligt ska kunna läsa min blogg. Så möjligen blir det några undantag men annars kommer jag att framöver skriva på engelska. (hoppas det är ok mormor och morfar)

Hi everyone!

As some of my friends long ago asked me to write in English instead of Swedish so that they could understand what I wrote, well finally they will have their will and so from now on I will try to write this in English. :O)

So... this first story of mine in English will be about my trip to the Swedish mountains for some snowboarding with my family.

On the 13th of March me and Carlos jumped on the plane to go home to Sweden. I had been longing for this trip for so long and now it was finally here! My parents picked us up at the trainstation and early on the morning after we begun the long trip with the car towards the north. We were 11 persons in total; my parents, my two sisters with their boyfriends and my sister's daugther and the son of my other sister, a friend of my big sisters boyfriend and me and Carlos. We needed three cars.

We all stayed in the same apartment close to the ski lift and the slopes. It was so great to be back on the snowboard again! We stayed for a week and we had a lot of fun! In the apartment there was a sauna, so that was really nice to have a hot shower and then relax in the sauna after a day in the slopes.

I'll show you some photos instead of writing to much so that you can see for yourselves.

Me in the ski slope

my sister Hanna and her boyfriend Peo

Carlos, he gets better and better on the skis

my father, looking really professional. this is a really good picture don't you think?!

Carlos, my father and my mother enjoying the nice weather

Sunny weather and 8 degrees, lovely to sit in the sun but the snow wasn't that good this day.

I found the snowboard of my dreams on an exhibition they had there. It's the one in the middle, sooo perfect for me! I love all the colours! ;O) Some day maybe I can have it!

Me enjoying the view from the slope. Sooo beautiful!

On the top. Must be so much fun to do kite with the board up here! Perhaps that will be my next adventure when I get back some day.

Tova and Algot, they were so good and had so much fun in the slope. It was the first time for Algot, and he was a bit scared in the beginning but the last day he just wanted to continue again and again, hehe.

Me and my little cuties! Tova came to sit with me and then Algot wanted to do the same, so there I had them both on my lap. You can almost see my sisters as well, Hanna to the left and Lina to the right, I really like the face that Lina is putting on haha ;O)

Carlos is reading for the children :O) so cute!

We played this game almost every evening, it's called skip-boo and it's a lot of fun! Specially my sister Lina loves it.

Me and my sister Hanna just had to try on the skis after more than 10 years without using them. It went ok I must say, but how the feet hurt!!!

On the way home we had a snowstorm... not so nice to be on the road in this weather! But everything went fine.

So that was our week in the snow. Great fun and really nice to do something with my family as I don't see them too often anymore.

I will finish with a nice picture in the sun.

Fin de mar!

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