The dentist and a not so great day

Good morning!

Yesterday was not really what I had expected... but some days are like that so you just have to accept it, I guess.

My plan was to go to eat with Carlos after work, go to the dentist and then spend the rest of the afternoon by the pool and to get home just in time for the football game between Spain and Portugal, a perfect plan, haha, if it had worked out.

Instead, I was exhausted during the whole day at work, I had to take the bus and a 10 minute walk to Carlos parents´ apartment as Carlos called me at work to say he wouldn't be here to pick me up on time. Beside this, there is a strike for all the employees in the underground in Madrid so the bus was full! As I got to their apartment I got another call from Carlos saying that he wouldn't be there for our appointment for the dentist either so I went alone. The good thing is: my teeth are fine! ;O)  Afterwards, I couldn't go to the pool because Carlos got my bikini and towell in the car and he was still working! So I spend the afternoon with his mother instead. Don't get me wrong, she is a nice person, but it was so warm yesterday so a bath in the pool would have been great. When Carlos finally showed up at eight o'clock in the evening I was almost sleeping on the couch, haha. On the way home we decided to stop at the McDonald's for some food as I didn't want to make anything at home. It took more than 30 minutes to get the food and there were only 4 cars before us! So finally we missed half of the football game... but hey, Spain won and I saw the goal so I can't be sad! ;O) After the football I crawled into my bed and then I don't remember anything else... haha.

I don't like to go to the dentist... but who does? ;O)
(picture from Google)

Let's hope for a better day today! And for some relaxing by the pool this afternoon!

Have a nice day everyone!

It's pool time!

Hey out there!

These days we go almost every day to the pool. The strange thing is that during the day it's normally good weather but then, when you least expect it, there comes a thunderstorm. Straaaange!!! hehe But as long as it only rains during the night, like yesterday, I'm ok with it as it cleans the dry and dirty air around here a bit and it makes the temperature staying supportable. 

Here comes some pictures from the pool from yesterday.

Ida's feet + Carlos sandals = too small feet or too big sandals (don't know which of it ;O) )

Have a nice day in the sun!


Glad midsommar! Happy midsummer!

Hello out there!

Today it's midsummer in Sweden, or "Midsommar" as you would say in Swedish! I hope the weather is great up in the north and that everyone will have a really nice day!

For me this year there will not be any special celebration as I'm in Madrid and I have to work all morning. The sky is grey and it was raining on my way to work, so not a great day to spend outside anyway. But we will go to IKEA today I think so I will buy some "sill" and make some typical Swedish food this evening at least! I think I will celebrate the Swedish summer in July when I go home for vacation instead, that's gonna be great!

Sooo..... from me to you all..... GLAD MIDSOMMAR! ;O)

(bild hittad via Google bilder)

The last days


Sorry that I haven´t written anything for a few days now. I have a lot to tell you about this time though.

Last week we went to Carlos sister´s house to celebrate her daughter´s birthday. It was a nice afternoon with Carlos family. His sister´s family have a little hamster and it´s sooo cute!

Little cute Miley.

As you know I have been working night shift last week, so I haven´t done so much more, as I sleep during the whole morning. Then in the afternoon we have mostly been around home, going for a walk and such things. But since Saturday I´m off and this weekend has been great! On Saturday we spent the afternoon with some friends having a barbecue and drinking sangria and beer and having lots of fun!

On Sunday we went with Ida and Jean to Cercedilla and the adventure park Amazonia, where you climb between the trees in different ways. So much fun! Even if I´m a bit afraid of hights, it went fine. The weather was perfect and it was another great day!

After the adventure in the park we stopped for a beer in the village before heading home.
I´ll show you the other pictures later as we forgot our camera in the car so we used Ida´s camera, and therefore the pictures from the park I haven´t got yet. You can see them on facebook meanwhile if you want!

Yesterday me and Carlos went to the pool in the afternoon as they have finally opened the one here in Meco and the weather is getting better. Some relax and sunbathing, great day!

Have a nice afternoon!

Only 2,5 nights to go!

Hey out there!

By now I have completely changed my daily rythm and I have no problem beeing awake during the night and sleeping until 4 in the afternoon. That's what night shift do to you! hehe But now I have only two and a half more nights to work and then I have 5 days off! Isn't that a good compensation?!

Yesterday I got the food I ordered on the Internet.... I know it sounds weird to order food online but it's some milk free food that I ordered on a German website to try some stuff you can't find here in the stores. I'll show you what it was later! Jummy!

Have a nice night! ;O)

Fin de mar!

The summer list

The summer list - copy and answer the questions you too!

1. Your favourite place during summer:

Örn, a place at the west coast of Sweden where I went with my family to go camping each summer during my growth. That place will always have a special meaning to me. Besides that I love to go to new places and discover new paradices out there. And I have to say that I love Mallorca and Portugal too.

2. How do you spend the perfect summer day? 
Going on a day trip and spend the day in nice company discovering some new place out there.  

3. What is your favourite food to put on the grill?
Fish with vegetables and mushrooms, jummy!

4. What plans do you have for this summer/vacations?
To go home to Sweden to see my family and friends! And to go camping at Örn again with my family as I haven't been there for several years now.  

5. Which are your favourite summer colours?
Blue like the sea and the sky! I love all types of blue, but specially turquoise right now!

6. What is typically Swedish to do during summer:
Wanting to go somewhere warmer than Sweden, go crazy about getting suntanned, celebrating Midsummer and enjoying the long light summer nights :O) and of course; playing kubb and having barbecues!

7. The best summer memory from your childhood:
There are so many of them! Sitting having pic-nic on the mountain in the sunset watching the sea with my family and our dog Otti, going travelling trough Europe by car all together, beeing to soccer camps having a great time with my friends, playing soccer in the park with the neighbours until it got dark outside..... there are so many wonderful memories!

8. The sea, the lake or the pool?
The sea without doubt! You cannot compare it! After comes the lake and last the pool.

9. What do you choose in the ice-cream bar?
The soya ice-cream, if they have any!

10. What would your dream vacation be?
To go travelling around the world for a couple of months. Maybe one day... ;O)

That's my list, how would yours be?

Party Party


Well, this two last days I have not done so much more than working and sleeping, so not so much to tell you about. Now I have two days off before my night shift starts. Today it's a grey day and not so fun to be outside so I'm sitting at home actually, trying to get myself to clean the apartment a bit but I don't really feel like doing it so we'll see what happens. Tomorrow if the weather is better I want to go to the pool :O) let's hope for some sun!

So as I don't have so much new to tell you about, I'll show you some pictures from the other day when I went out with Jess and her friends.

Me and Jess, love you sweetie!

Havin' some fun on the dancefloor!

Allright folks, now I have to make some lunch! My darling is coming home around three, great!

Have a nice day!

The Mallorca trip

Hellooooo everybody!

And so.... as I promised, here comes the pictures from our little Mallorca trip. We were there between the 2nd and 4th of June.

Just arrived to the loooovely island of Mallorca! We arrived around 12:00 so we had all afternoon to be on the beach and go for a long walk in the evening.

The view from the hotel room, not the best hotel in the world but you see the beach and sea!

Carlos is chilling out on the balcony :O) reeeeelax!

During our evening walk along the beach we found this fantastic piece of art, that's what I call a real sand castle!!!

I just love the parasols on the beach! they are so cute! :O)

Lovely sky in the sunset the first evening

Some nice pictures of the sunset as well

On the second day we were at the beach all day and I didn't bring the camera so no pictures from there... but in the evening we went out as always to have a walk along the beach, but as we walked and walked and walked the day before we decided to take the touristic train this day instead, hihi. It's so funny to sit there and feel like such a tourist! haha but it was really comfortable I have to say!

The tuff-tuff train! :O)

Me and Carlos on the train, havin' a great time! :O) hihi

I got this nice picture of my darling on the train, I really like this one

Carlos likes to be on vacations! oooh yeah!

On the third and last day we went to the beach in the morning and then, after leaving the hotel room we rented bicycles and went, as last year, on the road along the shore to Palma. This year we didn't get that far though but it was still great! :O)

Me enjoying the bicycle ride

Carlos ;O)  such a nice picture!

We saw this funny motor bike, do you think Carlos would mind if I paint his like this? ;O)

Having a rest in the sun, making some nice pictures

I love these boats, they are beautiful

Look at this terrace! Soooooo nice!

Ok, this is my favourite house! I want this one! hihi. One day I will have a little house with blue window doors (don't know the correct name of those in english but I hope you understand me)

This one is for my grandfather. His name is Uno and he always says that in Spanish he is the number one (el uno) hihihi so this one is for him! (morfar, denna är till dig! visst är det en fin bar?! saknar er!)

Havin' some rest and some sun at the same time

Carlos watching the sea

The beautiful Mediterranean Sea, I looooove it!

At 18:00 we took the bus to the airport to go back to Madrid. I left my Mallorca with great sadness in my heart... soooooon I will go back I hope!

Fin de mar!

Back at work

Hellooo out there!

Now I'm back at work after some days off... well actually I have been working the whole weekend as well but anyway...

Last week on Wednesday we took the plane to Mallorca for some relaxing days on the beach. We went to the same place as last year but to a different hotel. It was so nice to be back there and have a bath in the sea and lay on the beach relaxing or have a walk along the beach. I wanted to stay there! I'll tell you more later when I show you the pictures.

We got home on Friday night and on Saturday I worked all morning. In the afternoon I saw the film "Along Came Polly". Such a great movie! In the evening I met up with Jess, who came to Madrid for the weekend, to have dinner and to go out dancing. Some of her friends from Galicia (in the north of Spain), now living in Madrid, also came along. We had a great time and it was so long since I was out dancing now so I enjoyed it a lot! Such a great night! And it was so great to see Jess again!

On Sunday I slept until late as I got home really late and then I worked all evening. And so now it's Monday and I'm sitting here at work writing. I'll put up all the photos later so have some patience! :O)

Have fun and enjoy the sunny days!

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