Look out for the crazy foreigner!

Hello there!

I think I'm loosing my mind... hehe
Yesterday I went to the centre after work to have a late lunch with Yesi, a friend from the university here. It was great to see her again, the time passes so fast when we meet because there is so much to talk about!

Well anyhow... we went to the Plaza Mayor to sit down in one of the many terraces. We choose one that seems to have good food and to a good price. Then comes the waitor and asks what we want and we ask for the paella that they have on the card outside the terrace. Then he tells us they only have the things from the menu because that is a card for the restaurant next door! hahahaha I just wanted to disappear! And then we see that the paella there is three times as expensive! So we change the restaurant to the one next door! I felt so stupid! hahaha but really I think that is really Swedish to feel that way! ;O)

Then when we are going to the train/metro station to go home, she has to go with the train and I with the metro, but I didn't know she was going with the train. So we go to pass where you put in the ticket and go through to the platform. Well my ticket doesn't work, and I try several times and say: that's really strange! and so I ask a guy that work there and he says: but girl, this is a ticket for the metro and this is where you enter for the train.
- Oooooh!!! that's right! I'm sorry... (Oh, fuck I did it again, I thought). Just wanted to disappear again! hahaha what a day!!

So it was a funny day after all, because afterwards you can laugh a lot about those things!

Sleep tight! I'm off to bed! Tomorrow is the last day of work before I have two days off! Great!



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