Hi there!

I'm back again. I hope you are enjoying the summer so far, I know I am! ;O) We have been home to Sweden visiting my family for some days. We went to surprise my cousin for his examination from school. Was great! This time we had time to do lots of things but not all I would have wanted. Every time I'm back in Sweden I always want to do more than what I have time for, wish I could have stayed a little bit longer... time flies!

Now I'm back in Madrid with over 30 degrees, the other day we had 37! hot hot hot! Too much if you ask me, but at least it's great when you go to the pool ;O) we went yeasterday after work. Today we had the day off and we have been to IKEA, which means some more stuff to try to make place for at home and some Swedish food! jummy!

Tomorrow it's midsummer, I hope you will have some sun back home and enjoy the day and the night! ;O)

I will show you some photos later... now I'm off to bed! Sweet dreams!

Postat av: Gaymasen

Jag vill ha den värmen! GÖTT! Svettigt men gött. ^^

Och ja jag är kass på minigolf. IMORGON ska jag vinna. Om vi nu spelar. Men tror vi skulle spela så då jäklar ska jag dopa mig innan ;)

2011-07-10 @ 18:09:19

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