Weekend and films

Good Sunday afternoon everybody!

I'm still on evening shift at work, seems that it would never end.. but soon I will be on holidays! ;O)

This weekend I have been working 13-21... that means that you get to sleep long in the morning and you still have time for a nice dinner and movie in the evening when you get home, nice!

Yesterday we saw the film "Beastly". Was like a Beauty and the Beast story, but a modern human version. I kind of liked it, I love the lovestories haha.. but I think Carlos was kind of bored as he started singing and moving around and stuff... hihihi not his kind of film..

I like films that makes you happy, like comedies, romantic comedies and so on.. soooo nice to relax and they makes you feel good! ;O) Then again, a film has to be really really bad if I shouldn't like it, because I like most films.. historic ones, accion, thriller, drama... besides the ones I already mentioned.. the only films I normally don't like are horror movies... DON'T like them! I don't see the meaning of seeing a film just to get scared.. but there are some good horror movies, well maybe because they are more phycologically scaring... like the Spanish film "The orphanage", that is a great film. It's so well made and the fear kind of grows within you.. I was scared for two weeks after that film! haha so I'm not sure I would see it again, but it I strongly recommend it to the ones that like this kind of films!

"Beastly", a typical love story ;O)

"The Orphanage", one of really few really good horror movies..

(pictures from Google)

Enough writing for today! Have a great Sunday evening people!



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