Madrid, some pictures

Hey there...

my last day off before another eight days of work... and I'm not feeling well again... don't know what's wrong with me lately, I've been sick more times than in several years in just a couple of months... but hey, I'm decided to feel better tomorrow ;O)

Here comes some pics from the centre of Madrid from the other day:

Argentina tickets and birthday celebration

Good Sunday on everyone! ;O)

I know you can't really say like that, but it sounds so great, hehe.

This week has been quite good actually. We have finally booked the tickets to our Argentina trip!! So great! I can't wait, I want to go on vacations now!

I'll tell you more about it when we have it all planned ;O)

By the way, yesterday was Carlos birthday! He turned 33 years old, and we celebrated it with a nice lunch on an Italian restaurant in the centre of Madrid. He picked me up after work with the motorbike and I didn't know where we were going yet, hehe so nice! Afterwards we went for a walk to see the Argentinian market that they had organized at the big square in the centre, "Plaza Mayor". We also passed by the big shop street with all the luxury shops in Madrid "Calle Serrano" to see how they had renovated it. They had a big party there to inaugurate the new look of the street. When we got home we watched a film before heading for bed, and I gave Carlos the presents of course. I will show you the pictures of the day later as I'm not at home right now...

Have a really nice Sunday afternoon!

Nothing will ever be the same again

This is a sad day for Sweden, yes it is! I don't understand HOW this could come so far...

Yesterday the elections took place in Sweden. I have had this bad feeling about these elections for a while, and I must say that my nightmare came true... the extreme right got their place in the Parliament and yet again the capitalistic right won the elections and will be the ones forming the government.

For me this means bigger differences between the social classes, less help for the poor and the rich getting richer... it means less social benefits, more private schools, hospitals, kindergardens and unequal opportunities, and so on and so forth... and I ask myself, are people just that egoistic? don't we think about anything else but money, power and having more than the rest? Is this what we today call democracy and equality? In my world it isn't, not by close! I prefer to pay higher taxes if that means we all have the same opportunities for a decent life, for a decent home, food, education, healthcare ect. I prefer to pay a little bit more, knowing that there are people that need this money more than I, that need help from the social contributions due to sickness, disabilities or what ever the reason might be. We all could be in that situation one day, and then we would also want this help, wouldn't we? Think about it!!!

And then to the extreme right.... how can anyone after all the experience of the history think that racism and nazism would solve the problems? Wasn't it enough with the Second World War to prove this wrong? I feel very sad to know that there are so many people thinking that this is the way to go...

So, to make it short, I'm very very very disappointed right now!

Over and out.

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Good morning!

Today is a new week and a new day, I hope it's gonna be a good one! ;O)

I promised to show you the things I bought on the market yesterday, so here it comes:

A brown bracelet of leather, I like!

and a flowery scarf ;O)

"El Rastro", as the market is called, is the biggest, the most famous and the best one in Madrid. It's every Sunday morning until 15:00h. I love it! If you ever come to Madrid, don't miss it!

Here are some pictures from yesterday:

the metro station

the people cleaning up after the market

we found this candy shop, niiiiice! ;O)

after beeing to the market we went to the park for a while

Have a really nice day all people!

Sunday, happy sunday

Good evening!

I'm on my way to bed, but I thought I should step in and say hi first ;O)

I hope you all have had a great weekend!

Yesterday I did make the chocolate balls ;O) here is the result!

They look a bit weird I know haha, but they are delicious! I promise! ;O) And there is only 4 left for tomorrow! I'm a cookie monster! At least that's what they say... hihi

Today we had a great day, first we went to the market and then we were to the park, and tonight we saw the movie "The Departed" with Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon and Jack Nicholson. The movie is ok, but a little bit long. But it sure has suspense. It's worth seeing but maybe not in the cinema, at least for me.

(picture from Google)

I'm off to bed! I'll show you tomorrow what I got at the market. Sleep tight!

Lazy Saturday

Hey there!

Today we stayed at home in the end... I had such a headache this morning. Well, at least we got some cleaning done and so on... I have thrown out some of my old clothes too, which means some more space in my closet ;O)

Now I'm thinking about making some chocolate balls, haha how funny that sounds in English! In Swedish you say chokladbollar. Jummy! And maybe a movie for later would be nice too...

I hope you all are havin' a great Saturday!

Picture from the other day with the face mask ;O) This one is a chocolate face mask from H&M that cleans your skin and makes it more shiny, and I have to say it smells lovely!!! jummy! And of course I made Carlos do it as well hihihi

A very nice afternoon

Good evening people!

I'm off to bed very soon, I'm exhausted after a long day!

I have had a great afternoon though! As I told you earlier I went to the centre to meet my friend Yesi. We had ice-cream and a lot of girl talk! ;O)

I missed the bus home to Meco, so I took the one to Alcalá thinking that maybe Carlos could pick me up there... but of course he wasn't home, he had to go working again due to some problems with the electric lines... sooo there I was standing in Alcalá in the rain waiting for the next bus... haha finally I got home at least! soooo tired!

Well, thanks Yesi for a really nice afternoon, hope to see you again very soon!

Here comes some pictures from the day:

The square in front of the royal palace

The royal palace

Towards the "Square of Spain" (Plaza España)

Me and Yesi

The very lovely and beautiful bus station in Alcalá ;O) hehehe NOT!

Sleep tight everyone!

The sun is finally back

Hey there!

It's finally Friday! And the best thing is that I have this weekend off!!! Sooooooo nice! ;O)
And besides that, it has been so cloudy and rainy all morning, but now finally the sun is coming back!
Could it be any better?!

This afternoon I'm meeting up with my friend Yesi in the centre for some catching up, it's gonna be really nice to see her.

Tomorrow I'm not sure what we're doing yet, but I hope we're going to the theater, hope hope! I want to see Mamma Mia, so hopefully we can get some tickets for tomorrow! Have you seen this musical? Is it good? I only saw the movie so faar and I really liked it!

I hope you all have a really nice weekend!

(picture found on

Election time

Hi there!

Soon it's time for the general election in Sweden, to be exact it will take place on the 19th of September. So all the Swedish people out there: GO TO VOTE!

Me, I have already voted ;O) when you live abroad you vote at the Swedish embassy, so the other week I went looking for the one here in Madrid. For once I didn't get lost while trying to find it, but I still had to ask for the way ;O) hehe But the most important thing is that I got to vote and so now I have made my little part. Now it's up to all of you to do yours as well! I know who I prefer seeing as a winner, crossing my fingers! Hope hope hope!

Hope you all have a really nice day!

My name day


Today I'm feeling better, eventhough I must say that I'm very tired... this is my 5th day of morning shift, and I begin to feel the lack of sleep... hehe, but only 3 more days after this one! ;O)

Today is my name day! And I had totally forgotten about it until my father sent me an sms to congratulate me. Thank you dad! ;O)

Well, in honour to this very important day hehe ;O) I thought I will give you some info about my name.

The name Ida comes originally from Germany. It is the short form of the ancient german name Iduberga. The meaning of the name Ida is "the diligent" or "the hard-working". That is soooo me! hahahaha ;O)

The name Ida has been used in Sweden since the 14th century. 2009 it was on 15th place on the list of the most popular names for girls in Sweden, with 574 persons given the name Ida that year.

I found this very interesting information here:

I hope you have a great day!

Ida, the hard-working one ;O)


Hey there all of you!

I'm sorry for the non existing update of the blog lately. To be honest I haven't had any inspiration to write. I have been so tired of everything, you know like you can be sometimes and you don't feel like doing nothing at all...

Well I'm getting back to my normal me ;O) so be patient please! hehe

Hope you all have a nice afternoon!

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