Pizza and TV

Hi there!

Now I'm very tired! It's been a weekend full of work and social life, or what to call it ;O)
I've had a great time as always! On Friday Carlos took me out to dinner, to this place called Green House. The food was good, but the place wasn't so cosy as I thought it would be, but we had a really nice evening together. On Saturday I worked all morning and then I went with some collegues to the typical german Oktoberfest in the big bullfighting arena here in Madrid... such a nice afternoon! Great people, lots of nice beer, great atmosphere! After a while Carlos and some of his friends came along too. And around 21.30 we went home as I was so tired and I had to work today aswell. So, that was my weekend in a short way ;O)

Now we're making pizza and then it's TV and the couch... need some rest after a weekend full of things to do!

Hope you had a great weekend too!

PS. I'll show you some pics from the Oktoberfest later! ;O)

Today it's Thursday

Good morning everyone!

It's Thursday! I hope it'll be a good day! And I have some nice plans for the weekend, besides working of course... so I'm really looking forward to Friday and Saturday!

Today I'm a little bit tired... not only because I get up at 05:10 in the morning to get to work until 7, but also because I couldn't fall asleep last night... I hate when you just lay there and turn and turn and think that you really need to sleep now, just a little bit... but nothing.. hehe well, I guess I will sleep tonight! ;O)

If I'm not too tired this afternoon I want to go the the hairdresser, I really need to cut my hair! Well, at least I feel I do. Then hopefully I will have time to go for a long walk aswell.

I hope you'll all have a great Thursday!

zzzzzz...... want to sleep.... 

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What a nice weekend!

This weekend has been great actually.

I got off work at 7 am on Saturday morning and went with my collegue Josefa to her place to have a couple of hours of sleep. Then we met up with some friends from work for a late breakfast. We had a great time, and the place was really cosy and had a warm atmosphere.

Around two in the afternoon I headed home as I was really tired by then and needed some sleep. I slept for another couple of hours and then I took a shower and me and Carlos went off for a party at my friend Cosima's place. We bought some take away thai food and then we had dinner with some wine at her place. Caroline and Matias from my work were also there and a roommate of Matias. We played singstar as well, really funny! Eventough I really can't sing! But we had a great time and then we ended the night at a place in the centre having some beer and drinks.

As I got to bed around 6 in the morning, I slept until 2 in the afternoon the next day and then we spent the day chilling at home in the couch with a couple of good movies and some nice food. Wonderful!

I hope you all had a great weekend too!

We made a singing competition, girls vs. boys...

...and the boys won :( so we had to make the loser sign...  haha but was great fun anyway!

Everyone! Sergio, Caroline, Matias, Cosima, me and Carlos.

And some pictures from the bar. We met up with Josefa and some of her friends there as well.

3 nights to go

Hello in the night!

Now I'm on my 5th night on this night shift, which means counting this one, I have only three nights to go! ;O)

Today I have just been chilling out at home and then we went for a long walk before having dinner. Some days it's just so nice to do as little as possible.

Tomorrow I'm meeting up with Carlos to go looking for walking shoes for me, I want to find ones before we go to Argentina in November, so hopefully I will find ones tomorrow!

By the way, now we have all the tickets confirmed and also the tickets to go to Ushuaia, in the very south of Argentina! I can't wait! I'm going to visit the penguins! hehe ;O)

Sleep tight and have a great day tomorrow!

The sunsets in Spain are really beautiful! I guess they are in Sweden as well but as I have mostly lived surrounded by forest, I haven't seen them so often ;O)

Meco in the sunset

Atumn colours

I took these nice pictures in the park the other day. Don't you just love all the beautiful coulors in the autumn?

Have a great day! I will go home in just a little while.... some nice breakfast and then: SLEEP! ;O) I'm sooo tired now!

Hugs and kisses all wonderful people!

Blue blue sky

Hey there all happy people!

Today I've slept until 15:00... so I think I've rested enough for another night at work... night shift is tough!

But it's a beautiful day outside! Fresh air, sun and a really blue sky! SO NICE! I have been sitting on the balcony eating and enjoying the sun warming up my face...  and hopefully we will go for a long walk when Carlos gets back from work. Even if my leg hurts... so typical me, I walked right into the side of the bed, which is quite sharp... so now it's all swollen and it hurts... but as you say in Sweden: "when the head is dumb, the body gets to suffer" hehe.

Hope you have a nice evening!

This is the coulor of the sky today! ;O)

Mum and dad were here

Good night in tha hood!

Now I have night shift at work again... and hopefully I will get some life in this blog again!

As I told you, my parents were here for a visit. We had a great time, even if the weather wasn't really that nice during the days they were here. Among other things we went for a walk in the centre, we went shopping a lot, we went for a day trip to Segovia as my parents hadn't been there before. And of course we went to Alcalá for some tapas, and also to see the medieval festival that they celebrate there every year at this time, due to the anniversary of Cervantes (a very famous writer from the Middle Ages that wrote the stories about Don Quijote).

Well, it was a great time! ;O)

Some pictures from the week:

My parents in front of the Royal Palace in the centre of Madrid

Having lunch at one of the many outdoor cafés in Madrid; sun, paella and wine ;O)
how typical Spanish isn't that?!! 

Some pictures from the medieval market:

This is Don Quijote and his follower, Sancho Panza from the stories of Miguel Cervantes.

At this market they all kinds of things from nice neclaces and bracelets, scarfs, decoration, typical Spanish food ect. And all the vendors are dressed like in the Middle Ages and the stands are made like in the old times as well. It's a really nice atmosphere and I really recommend to visit this market if you are in Madrid in October.

All four of us in front of the huge aqueduct in Segovia. It's a roman construction from the time they ruled in Spain and it is over 1000 years old and 28 metres high, but still standing! ;O)

The view from the stairs that lead up on the side of the aqueduct to the part of the city where you find the cathedral.

Some nice music on the street. The best was that his dog was the singer ;O)

The cathedral of Segovia. Impressive!

And to end the week: a walk in the park and in the evening a nice massage and some sauna ;O)

Sleep tight everyone!

Speed up the time just a little bit

Hey there!

I have only one day and half an hour left to work and then I have 5 days off! Great!
Plus that my parents will be here of course!

JIPPYYYY!!!!!!! ;O)

We'll see what adventures we can come up with for these days! I can't wait!

As I'm in a good mood today, I'll tell you a joke... a blonde joke by the way, as I'm blonde, but I'm not stupid! haha 

"Two blondes had driven across the country to see Disney World in Florida. As they approached it and got onto the final stretch of highway, they saw a sign saying “Disney World Left!” After thinking for a minute, the driver blonde said “Oh well!” and started driving back home. ..."

(the joke is found here: )

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Rush rush...

Good morning sweeties!

I have slept like a baby tonight, so I feel great! And the sun is looking trough the dark clouds right now, which makes the day even better! ;O) I hope you feel as positive as I do today! Let's hope for a great day!!!

Today I'm in a bit of a rush... my parents are coming to visit on Wednesday, and I work evenings until then so I really only have the mornings to get all set before they get here.... you know; have to clean the apartment, make space in the extra room for them and make the bed, wash clothes so I don't need to do that while they are here, ect ect. I'm glad we went to buy food yesterday so that's done! ;O)

But I'm soooooo looking forward to their visit!!! I miss them so much! I only wish my sisters could come too!

Well, I'm off to make some lunch.... HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!

mom and dad ;O)

Things to like about Spain

Hey there!

Ok, now that I have lived here for almost 2 years, I must say that I like living in Spain (even though I get a little bit tired of the people here sometimes due to the cultural differences). Well, so therefore I have listed some things to like about this Mediterranean country:

1. The sun! Of course it's great to have so many more sunny days on the year than in Sweden (even if I would never really admit this to the Spanish people...Sweden has many sunny days too, right? maybe not...)

2. The friendly people: people are more open to other people they don't know here and they express their feelings in a much more open way, I like it!

3. Mallorca: the place where I found my love, so it will always be special to me. And I really like the island!

4. There are so many old and beautiful cities and villages! And so many beaches! And don't forget the palm trees! I love palm trees! ;O)

5. The "tapas": there are so many jummy dishes here, and in some bars you get a small dish for free with the drink!

6. The "tortilla española" (Spanish omelette): It's an omelette with potatoes, eggs and onion, JUMMY!

7. The night life: you find people on the streets 24 hours a day here and there is a much more intense feeling of living outside.

8. The prices: there are so many things that are cheaper here! One very important example for someone coming from the Nordic countries: the alcohol! ;O) (even if I must say that I drink very little alcohol since I live here, but just the fact that it's cheap is enough...haha)  

Well, I think I will stop for today... maybe there will be a second part some day, who knows!

Good night sweet friends!

"Spain is different" as the Spanish people say ;O)  and nice!

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Hi there!

First I just want to say: I'm sorry that I haven't answered all your comments lately! My login page seems to have gone a little bit crazy, so I saw them first today! 

Second: thank you so much for the nice comments! Keep'em coming! as you say ;O)

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