A long day

Good evening sweeties!

Today has been a long day and now I'm finally heading for the bed! Tomorrow is the last day of work before my days off! As I mentioned, but it's worth mentioning again, I have the weekend off this week!!! ;O)

Well today we had a meeting at work about the company moving and all. They will help us to get out on the "looking for a job" market in the best way by helping us prepare ourselves. That's good at least. Was interesting.

When I got home I saw we received the voting paper for the elections in the regions here in Spain that will be held in May. Don't know what to vote yet though.. have to get some information about the different ideas.

This afternoon I went for a long walk on the fields again, love it! Helps me to relax and gives me so much energy back! It's like Swedish summer here now, so all is in bloom and the fields are green... aaaaah sooo wonderful!

I also made a nice dinner for Carlos as he had to stay over at work, they had some problems coming up during the last hour. Well, so I made wok and then I surprised him with chocolate dipped streawberries for dessert, so jummy!

someone in need of a shower maybe? ;O)

the ingredients for "THE wok" ;O) hehe... chicken, onions, carrots, corn, paprika, pineapple, chili (or something like that) and the milk of coconut. Then you throw in some curry and some asian sauce you like as well... jummy!

dessert! these were so easy to make and sooooooo good! We ate them all at once! haha

I hope you all had a great day! Sleep tight and see you tomorrow my bloggers!

Fin de mar!


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