presents and other stuff

Hey ho and good evening all people!

I forgot to show you my presents that I got for my birthday ;O)

here's the dress, the parfume and the two necklaces, then I also have the tickets for the spa ;P niiice!

I made a chocolate cake for my birthday, so now we have had that for dessert during the last 3 days with strawberries and vanilla sauce! jummy!


Now there's only two more days of work before the weekend! Jippy! Today I went shopping a bit, got two bracelets and a skirt for me and then I bought a present for a friend because it's her birthday tomorrow. I hope she will like it!

By the way, the sun has come back to Madrid again and the weather is great! :O)

Now: the second part of the soccer game and then sleeeeep! I wonder who will win the semifinals of the Champions... Real Madrid or Barcelona?

Over and out.


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