Thunder and rain!

Hey all you bloggers!

Today is yet another grey day here... lately there has been lots of rain and thunderstorms around... the other day it was "raining" ice at home, but not like in Sweden no, ice balls big as cherries! And today it has been raining too much... here in Spain it doesn't rain like in Sweden either, it rains just for about 10 minutes at a time but it rains a whole lake in that time! I promise! today there was even water coming in from the roof at the office! And the toilets turned into fountains if I should believe my collegue that came back from the toilet telling us that there was water all over, hehe.
Well, that's Spain when it rains! But then again you normally get some sunshine even during the grey days, which is good ;O)

this bad weather makes me wanna go back to Lanzarote with sun and beach! ;O)

I hope you have a great evening! with some better weather than we have here...



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