Blue blue sky

Hey there all happy people!

Today I've slept until 15:00... so I think I've rested enough for another night at work... night shift is tough!

But it's a beautiful day outside! Fresh air, sun and a really blue sky! SO NICE! I have been sitting on the balcony eating and enjoying the sun warming up my face...  and hopefully we will go for a long walk when Carlos gets back from work. Even if my leg hurts... so typical me, I walked right into the side of the bed, which is quite sharp... so now it's all swollen and it hurts... but as you say in Sweden: "when the head is dumb, the body gets to suffer" hehe.

Hope you have a nice evening!

This is the coulor of the sky today! ;O)

Postat av: Gaymasen

(Och tänk vad komiskt om jag hade skickat alla felsms... Haha. Var korkad du måste ha trott att jag var. :P)

2010-10-18 @ 21:41:29

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