What a nice weekend!

This weekend has been great actually.

I got off work at 7 am on Saturday morning and went with my collegue Josefa to her place to have a couple of hours of sleep. Then we met up with some friends from work for a late breakfast. We had a great time, and the place was really cosy and had a warm atmosphere.

Around two in the afternoon I headed home as I was really tired by then and needed some sleep. I slept for another couple of hours and then I took a shower and me and Carlos went off for a party at my friend Cosima's place. We bought some take away thai food and then we had dinner with some wine at her place. Caroline and Matias from my work were also there and a roommate of Matias. We played singstar as well, really funny! Eventough I really can't sing! But we had a great time and then we ended the night at a place in the centre having some beer and drinks.

As I got to bed around 6 in the morning, I slept until 2 in the afternoon the next day and then we spent the day chilling at home in the couch with a couple of good movies and some nice food. Wonderful!

I hope you all had a great weekend too!

We made a singing competition, girls vs. boys...

...and the boys won :( so we had to make the loser sign...  haha but was great fun anyway!

Everyone! Sergio, Caroline, Matias, Cosima, me and Carlos.

And some pictures from the bar. We met up with Josefa and some of her friends there as well.


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