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Have you ever thought about how many words that actually means something else in another language? And there are many of them that makes you laugh and that can get you into some serious missunderstandings.... hehe

I came to think about this today and it's always so funny so I'm gonna share with you some of my examples and maybe you can add some more!

First of all there are always funny names... like Brad Pitt for example, because in Swedish "Pitt" means "dick"... and Dick is also a very funny name in English! haha How can you give your son that name?!
Then of course my grandfather's name, Uno... which means "one" in Spanish and Linda that means "cute" or "beautiful" and my name Ida that means "one way (ticket)" in Spanish! haha
Then there is the name Ann Ahl in Swedish that if you say it sounds like "anal"... ;O) or the surnames Redondo and Gordo in Spanish which means "round" and "fat"... that's kind of funny!

Then there are sooo many words... here comes some of them:

fart ("speed" in Swedish, but in English it is something quite different!)
kock ("chef" in Swedish, and with another spelling something else in English.... hihi)
fack ("box" or "compartment" in Swedish...if you spell it differently you get an ugly English word)
hora ("whore" in Swedish, means hour in Spanish)
hit ("this way" in Swedish, means something else in English)
slut ("finished" in Swedish, and again something else in English... hehe)
faster (means "quicker" in english and "aunt" in Swedish)
Gun (a name in Sweden and a weapon in England)
prick (a "dot" or "spot" in Swedish and a "dick" in English)

Then finally the best of them all: the car Honda Fitta.... for those of you who aren't Swedish "fitta" in Swedish means "cunt". A really ugly word as you see... and I'm not surprised that the car never came to Sweden with that name! hahahaha

Hope you had fun, because I did! Have a nice evening everyone!

Ida (y vuelta) = tur (och retur) , Ida = one way ;O) hihihi

Postat av: Julia

jejej...recuerdo como estabamos en La Vanguada pidiendo estos pancitos en el "Tio Pepe"...en que se pide rellenando estos papelitos y cuando esta listo gritan tu nombre,..y tu lo rellenaste para nosotros dos y cuando gritaron "IDA" y te fuiste a buscar la comida todo el mundo te miró con cara sorprendida , tipo "es un nombre?!? como se puede llamarse Ida?!" :D que divertido fue jejeje

2010-07-01 @ 22:48:51
Postat av: Dani

Hi Ida, you can also add the brand of this kind of soft bread in Spain called "Bimbo" (which means something different in Swedish ;)

Oh! And another funny car: "Mitsubishi Pajero". It came to Spain with another name, but once I saw one of those!

2010-07-02 @ 18:17:02
Postat av: A n n a

Ja fy, jag har varit så dålig på att uppdatera. Fy på mig :). Jag hade en underbar midsommar med sill och potatis :P. Gjorde du något trevligt?

2010-07-05 @ 00:02:20
Postat av: Hanna

and the bread called "La Puta" in sweden, is something quite different in spanish :P .. miss u sis! See u soon

2010-07-05 @ 13:01:49
Postat av: A n n a

Sv: Åh tack :). Jag köpte den på Gina Tricot.. tror att det var förra sommaren. Fanns i lite olika färger :)

2010-07-11 @ 11:27:41

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