Back in Madrid

Hey and hello!

Now I'm back home again. I have had the greatest holidays! I'll tell you more later and I'll show you some pictures from my adventures in Sweden.

Hope you are all doing great in the summer heat. Here in Madrid the warm weather has gone too warm as always during these days of July and August. But, hey... what to do? At night the temperature is perfect at least :O)

So, back to work and the everyday life again. How boring that sounds... but it isn't, not at all! You just have to make it a little interesting yourself! Positive thinking! haha

Have a nice afternoon! I'm off to work!

Postat av: Gaymasen

Härligt! Tillbaka till verkligheten då, haha!

Livet i Skövde rullar på som vanligt.. ;D

2010-08-02 @ 13:34:02

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