World Champions!!!!

Yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaah!!!!  Spain won! Congratulations to the team and all of Spain!!!!

We went to see the second half of the game to a terrace near my work together with the friends of Carlos. It was so exciting because they were so even, although Spain was playing better so they deserved the victory I must say. After the game we went to the fountain of that part of the city and there were thousands of people on the street trying to have the famous victory bath in the fountain that is the tradition to do when Spain wins. What an emotion!!! All these people so happy and dancing and shouting!!!

What a great evening!!!! 

I am sorry to say that I forgot the camara so I only got a few pictures with my mobile, I have to try to get them into the computer later. But I took one of myself when we got home.... a little bit of a "crazy me" on this picture... but hey, what's to expect after all that celebration and excitment!

Of course I have a red t-shirt, a Spanish flag and my typical tourist fan with the Spanish bull on it! haha

Postat av: Gaymasen

Haha ja, förstår att du är glad då när Spanien vann. ;)

2010-07-12 @ 13:08:32
Postat av: Hanna

Hahaha uuuuuunderbaaaaaaart var det att Spanien vann!!!! jippieee! jag hade osså viljat vara med i allt firande (som måste pågått hela natten där nere!) fasen vad mäktigt! badade inte ni i fontänen? :D ..

2010-07-13 @ 15:51:09
Postat av: Gaymasen

Och vi bor i hus fyra.. Mittenhuset. I like it. ;D

2010-07-13 @ 16:00:40

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