Scary or weird?

Hey there!

I have to tell you what happend the other day! I was brushing my teeth when I started thinking that it was a long while since there was any spider in the bathroom... you know they normally come to visit every now and then.. and so I thought that probably there will be one soon now when spring is here... and so I thought.. why not have a look around, maybe there is already one somewhere here... and then I saw it!!! Behind the toilet in the corner, there it was sitting starring at me.. (ok, the last thing was just my imagination, but still it was there)... I mean, how could I know that? just that day that I think about it and it´s really there! I don´t know if that is a coincidence, if it´s womens intuition or if it´s just scary and wierd!! I know I got kind of surprised!

Well enough about that! Tomorrow we´re heading for PARIS!!! Finally we´re going! I hope the weather will be nice... hope hope hope.. But I will enjoy anyway!

So, I wish you a nice week, ans see you when I get back!

Ciaaao beauties!

Postat av: Hanna

du, den där spindelen kanske bodde där sedan länge och hade haft det lugn o tryggt i den vrån ända tills du kom o störde ;) hihi..

hoppas ni har grymt härligt i Paris!! kramar

2011-03-26 @ 09:57:26

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