Long time no seen...

Hi there!

I'm kind of a blog-disaster.... I haven't had any inspiration to write lately so I didn't.. sorry about that.
There has been many things happening though.

First of all, Carlos asked me to marry him! ;O) It was on our 8th anniversary in February, we went to dinner on a nice restaurant to celebrate our 8 years together and so he asked. And of course I said yes! hehe So now I'm an engaged woman!

I have also been at home in Sweden for almost a week in the end of January, but it went so fast I didn't have time for much.. I was in my village during the weekend to see almost all my family and then I went to Göteborg for a few days to see my sister and her family and to meet up with a friend. And then I had to go back again... I hope I get to see some more friends next time I'm home!

In February I went with my friend Caroline to Lanzarote for 4 days, was so great! 23-24 degrees and sun! We went swimming with the sea lions and we went to see the national park Timanfaya with the volcanos and there we also had a ride on the camels. Well they were actually dromedaries but they called them camels. ;O) We also had the first bath in the sea of this year! Were 4 great days!

And I keep working as always... they have told us at work that our department is supposed to be moved to England between September this year and January next year, so I still have a few months left at this job. Then we'll see what happens. But I'm positive and hopefully I will find a great job to start after this one. ;O)

This year has been quite good so far I think... besides all with the job.. but in the end of this month me and Carlos will go to Paris! I'm so looking forward to it! I have never been there and I have to admit that it is one of the places one have to see before life is over, so to speak. So for me so far this year has been full of travels and adventures to look forward to, which means a good year! ;O) Let's hope it continues that way!

Well I think I have written too much... so I leave you for now with a few pictures from the last couple of months. Have a great day everyone!

Our engagement. We had lobser in a rise stu for dinner.. sooo tasty! ;O)

At home:

We had a little party with the family as my father had turned 55, and because I was at home visiting! ;O)

The small river is frozen...

it's coooold! ;O)

my nephew likes tomatoes... you could never guess that, could you? ;O) sooo cute!



Postat av: Gaymasen

Åhhh! Jag vill också simma/bada med sälar. Och delfiiiiner, det skulle vara skoj :D

2011-03-13 @ 17:00:21
URL: http://gaymasen.se

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