Just a normal Thursday

Hi there...

so this day has been like so many others, but still not.. the sun has made a small come back here in Madrid which is great!

But otherwise.. I slept too much, as I sometimes do when I have evening shift at work.
I just had time to have a nice breakfast in front of the TV, get ready and eat something for lunch and then head for the office...(yes I know, I eat a lot!)  
The office is sooo hot when you arrive at 15.00 in the afternoon.. which makes me get a small headache..
The job is the same as always but still there are so many new things happening all the time, which in a way is very good because otherwise it would get boring..
My collegues are as great as always so we do actually have quite fun at work..
Now I'm waiting to go home..
When I get home Carlos will most probably already be sleeping on the couch... and I have to wake him up to get him to bed.. ;O) after having something more to eat of course! me, not him..
Luckily I don't always have the evening shift at work! ;O) Sometimes it's nice to have all the time you want to sleep, but then I don't get to see Carlos that much and you don't really get so much done at all, so I kind of prefer the early shift.

Well, that's pretty much my day today! How was yours?

Sleep tight!


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