Evening shift

Hey yo sweethearts! ;O)

I'm back at evening shift at work now.. like 3 weeks to work in the evening.. but at least I get to sleep a looot!

The spring has come to Spain by the way.. the fields are green, the almond trees are in bloom and the animals are running around on the open fields. I have been out for long walks the last 3 days and it's so nice to see how everything gets colourful and full of energy! It makes me feel that way too!

And of course I'm looking forward to my visit to Paris! If you have any tips of what to see, what to eat or anything else you can't miss when going to Paris, please let me know!!

This is from a park with miniatures of famous buildings from all of Europe in Torrejón here outside Madrid. Carlos took me there one afternoon to see it as a surprise, so cute! It's a really nice park. And soon I will see the real Eiffel tower! ;O)

Lots of kisses to all of you still coming back to read my blog even if I don't write too often!

Fin de mar!

Postat av: hanna

gillar du nya designen sis? kram

2011-03-11 @ 17:32:57
URL: http://kompez.blogg.se/
Postat av: Madrida

Japp, toppen! Tack tack tack syrran! Pöss!

2011-03-11 @ 21:55:51

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