Monopoly and stuff

Good evening!

The days just disappear and the clock keeps ticking... now it's weekend again.

I have been off from work for another two days now, Thursday and Friday, so nice! As it was a holiday on Thursday and Friday was one of these days that comes between the holiday and the weekend, Carlos has been off too. We went to buy some late Christmas presents for my family, as I'm going home in the end of January. Then we have been to the cinema to see the film "Tron - Legacy" in 3D. It's not the movie I would normally choose but Carlos´brother gave us free tickets for the film and Carlos wanted to see it as he saw the old version many years ago, so we went to see it. I have to say that I liked it more than I thought I would, and the special effects are really cool with the 3D!

Today I have worked all morning and when I got home Carlos had made lunch for us. Fish and vegetables in the oven, jummy! ;O)

We have spent the evening playing Monopoly, but no one won as it takes too long so we got too hungry and had to make some dinner instead hehe. Ít has been a really nice evening at home!

Not the newest version, but hey, same name same game, and lots of fun! ;O)

Sleep tight cuties!


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