Fantastic weekend!


I have had a very very nice weekend! The dinner on Saturday went well ;O) it was really nice! So hopefully we'll do it again soon! I forgot to make pictures though... I know, I always forget... sorry!

On Sunday the sun was shining and it was warm like in the spring! So we took out the bikes and went for a ride on the countryside, it was so nice! Then we spent the evening with a good movie and some nice food from the day before. The perfect Sunday! ;O)

Yesterday I was at work again, and tomorrow I'm off again.. hehe so only two days to work this time, but then I work all weekend... not so funny. Tomorrow I want to go shopping so I hope I'm not gonna be sick, as I'm starting to feel a little strange... I cross all my fingers and toes that I'll be just fine!

Hope you guys have a great evening!

Postat av: Gaymasen

:O You sooo didn't! Hur kan man glömma fota maten? ;)

Och tack snälla för rösten! :)

Och angående detox. Jag läste mig runt på massor med sidor och sedan mixade jag ihop det jag tyckte var intressant med mina egna idéer och recept. Ska försöka göra någon sammanfattning av detoxen sen, om jag orkar. ^^

2011-01-19 @ 21:28:44

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