Hey there!

It's been a few tuff days... I have morning shift at work and as always when I get up at 5:15 in the morning, I'm like a zombie in the evening... I don't have energy for anything! But I prefer the morning shifts anyway cause you get the afternoon and evening off ;O)

The other day we met up with Dani in the centre, a friend of mine from when I studied in Skövde. We catched up since last time as I haven't seen him since April. Then we met up with Ida and Jean and some of their friends to go bowling. It was great fun and I WON! hehe ;O) I never win, but this time, this time the glory was mine! Ida was very close to beat me, but I got two strikes in the last round so I won in the end.

Dani, Jean, Ida and me.

Carlos in action ;O)

Postat av: Julia

parece que os encanta el bowling ;-)

2011-01-11 @ 22:39:59
Postat av: Annica

fin blogg :P

2011-01-11 @ 22:52:50
Postat av: angelica

allt bra? :)

2011-01-11 @ 22:53:28

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