Back to work...

Hey hello there!

Today I was back at work again, after 6 very very nice days off. Well, the day has gone by very fast anyway. Carlos picked me up after work and we went to eat at our favourite place to go after work, with the best paella in town! ;O) 

And now we're making pizza and chillin' at home... I was thinking of going out for a long walk but it's so grey and cloudy outside.. and cold... brrr... I think I'll leave the walk for tomorrow!

My parents and grandparents sent me some Christmas presents by mail, they are just too nice to me! Thank you all! And I thought I wouldn't be able to eat my faourite nougat this Christmas! ;O) Tack för nougaten och de andra julklapparna mormor & morfar!

Just sooooooo jummy! ;O)

And among other things, my parents got me these letters that you put up on the wall.

"lycka" means "happiness" for those of you who didn't know ;O) Love it!

From my love I also got some nice sport clothes. ;O)

Well, did you get any nice presents this Christmas?

I'm off to eat pizza!!! Mmmmm! Ciao!


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