Paris, a few tips

I have written down some things that might be interesting for those going to Paris:

1. To get around in the city we normally walk a lot as then you see things along the way between the tourist attractions, but we also use the metro and the busses when the distance is long and when we get tired. I really recommend to go by bus as you get to see things that you otherwise would miss if you chose the metro! We just hopped on a bus every now and then and sometimes you end up where you want and sometimes you end up somewhere totally different ;O) but that's the beauty of it! By the way, I love this old metro sign from the picture.

2. Get up early if you want to avoid the loooong cues at the tourist attractions. We tried to get up quite early the days that we were going to the most popular tourist attractions and that way we didn't have to wait long to get in and had more time for other things as well.

3. If you like modern architecture, I recommend to go to see La Défense. This is a big area in the west of Paris full of new big modern buildings. Among them you find the Arche de la Défense, a huge white building made as an arch.

Arche de la Défense

La Défense area

In La Défense we went for dinner in the restaurant Le Paradis du Fruit, in the commercial centre there. If you go there, this is a great place! You can either have dinner there and try some of their grilled meat with vegetables and different sauces (you can make your own mix of small dishes) or just stop for a drink. They have all kinds of jummy fruit drinks! ;O) I loved this place!

Jummy jummy! A drink with soya milk and fruit.

4. Make plans for what you don't want to miss, because the time pass so quickly and there are so many interesting and nice things, so to avoid not being able to see the things you really want to see it's good to know more or less how to spend the time. I know I never really follow my plans in the end, but at least that way I know that I will have time for the most important things.

5. Don't stress around and ENJOY! ;O)

I hope you will have a great time if you go there!!! I know I wanna go back one day!


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