Paris, as I lived it... part 2

Good early early morning on all of you!

Ok, so here comes the second part of the Paris trip story.

We stopped by the Galeries Lafayette, which is a big shopping centre with all the famous expensive brands. The building is beautiful! It was nice to have a look but I didn't buy anything though.

We went to see the Louvre Museum, but it was first on the last day that we went inside. It's huuuuge! There was no time to see it all, but we got to see the things that we thought were interesting. You really need time to go there.

Of course I had to make some funny poses with the pyramids in the background ;O)

We went to see Notre Dame, but I didn't get to see the hunchback though... ;O)

We also went to Sacré Coeur. Montmartre, which is the part of the city where you find this basilica, is a really nice block. Here you find small streets full of life; bars and restaurants, all kinds of shops, small markets on the squares and so on. Here you can also find some more colourfull houses, as in the city centre most buildings are white.


In front of the Sacré Coeur. This basilica is located on the top of Montmartre, the highest hill in Paris, so the view is really nice from up here and you can also see the Sacré Coeur from many places in Paris due to it's high location.

Then you can't miss to visit the Arc de Triomphe.

On one of the days we went to Versailles. On the way there we first took the wrong metro, so then we had to take a tram to get to the correct train station. Then we went with the train in the wrong direction! haha so we had to change on the next station and go back. But in the end we got there! I really liked Versailles, specially the small village of cottages that Marie Antoinette had built for her. We never went into the big palace, but chose to see the gardens, the two small palaces and the village of Marie Antoinette instead as we found that more interesting, and I don't regret that as I loved to walk around in the gardens and to see the small village. Here comes some pictures from the day:

In the end, when we were going to return to the train station, it started to rain so we were really soked when we got back to the hotel, but it was a great day anyway! hehe

So that was some of the things we did in Paris, but there was so much more! So here comes a little mix of other places and funny pictures from the trip:

Me in the heart of Paris by the river Seine


mon amour ;O)

who's that crazy girl?

La petite baguette ;O) hehe

And that's all folks! It really was a great week and yet another adventure to add to my memories.

I hope you all will have a great day!

Au revoir! ;O)

Postat av: Gaymasen

Åh men vad härligt med Paris! Jag skrev om det förut att jag vill dit en weekend och kolla. Och just nu är det ju extremt vackert med värmen och alla vårblommor. Myyyysfaktor hög där puttinuttisar! :D

Och angående din kommentar: menar du att folk fortfarande spelar in alltså? Haha. ;) Skämt åsido. Kram på dig :D

2011-04-05 @ 17:37:05

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