Biking ride on the fields

Hey there!

This afternoon we went for a looong ride on the bikes. We have now got around 25 degrees here and the fields are really green! I just love the spring!

Just outside Meco, the village where we live.

"oooh yeah, I can do it! I'm almost on the top of the hill now and then comes the best part: going down-hill!" That's pretty much what I was thinking in that moment... 

Cutie on a bike ;O)

Oh lovely spring!

We have been out walking (and today with the bikes) almost every day now since we came back from Paris, it's great to get some exercise done again! (As if we didn't walk at all when we were in Paris! oh my, what we walked those days!)

I hope you'll all have a great day! I know I will enjoy the great weather as soon as I wake up this afternoon! Just two nights to go, then bye bye night shift for this time! yeay!



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