An unexpected meeting

This weekend has been great. The other day my mother called me and told me that she heard my former Spanish teacher was here in Madrid with some of her student to see the city and live the Spanish culture. I was thrilled! Dolores was my first Spanish teacher when I started studying this language in the upper seconday school. She taught us not only the language but as she is from Spain, she taught us also about the culture, the art, the food, the geography ect. And then one year later, when I met Carlos, I got to live it all... and during the coming years I found all of this so exciting.. I continued my studies in the university in Sweden and then also here in Madrid and so in the end, I ended up living here in Spain with my love. I have always kept contact with Dolores through the years every now and then and so I called her.

We met up in the afternoon with her and the students and went to the west of Madrid to see the view of the city, the palace and the cathedral from the air as you can go with a cabin on a wire that takes you to "Casa de Campo", one of the largest parks of the city. We had something to drink there and catched up since it was a couple of years since we met.
It was a great afternoon and I hope to see her again soon!

me and Dolores

Madrid from the air

In the evening we went to Soto del Real outside Madrid to go out with some friends. We stayed over at their place as they live close to this village. They prepared this great breakfast for us in the morning, jummy! :P

When we got home we spent the rest of the day hanging around, surfing on the net and watching films... nice!

And so that was the weekend! It's so nice when you meet people again that you didn't expect to meet but that you really like spending time with.

crazy people... ;O)

hehehe ;O)


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