Nothing will ever be the same again

This is a sad day for Sweden, yes it is! I don't understand HOW this could come so far...

Yesterday the elections took place in Sweden. I have had this bad feeling about these elections for a while, and I must say that my nightmare came true... the extreme right got their place in the Parliament and yet again the capitalistic right won the elections and will be the ones forming the government.

For me this means bigger differences between the social classes, less help for the poor and the rich getting richer... it means less social benefits, more private schools, hospitals, kindergardens and unequal opportunities, and so on and so forth... and I ask myself, are people just that egoistic? don't we think about anything else but money, power and having more than the rest? Is this what we today call democracy and equality? In my world it isn't, not by close! I prefer to pay higher taxes if that means we all have the same opportunities for a decent life, for a decent home, food, education, healthcare ect. I prefer to pay a little bit more, knowing that there are people that need this money more than I, that need help from the social contributions due to sickness, disabilities or what ever the reason might be. We all could be in that situation one day, and then we would also want this help, wouldn't we? Think about it!!!

And then to the extreme right.... how can anyone after all the experience of the history think that racism and nazism would solve the problems? Wasn't it enough with the Second World War to prove this wrong? I feel very sad to know that there are so many people thinking that this is the way to go...

So, to make it short, I'm very very very disappointed right now!

Over and out.

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