My name day


Today I'm feeling better, eventhough I must say that I'm very tired... this is my 5th day of morning shift, and I begin to feel the lack of sleep... hehe, but only 3 more days after this one! ;O)

Today is my name day! And I had totally forgotten about it until my father sent me an sms to congratulate me. Thank you dad! ;O)

Well, in honour to this very important day hehe ;O) I thought I will give you some info about my name.

The name Ida comes originally from Germany. It is the short form of the ancient german name Iduberga. The meaning of the name Ida is "the diligent" or "the hard-working". That is soooo me! hahahaha ;O)

The name Ida has been used in Sweden since the 14th century. 2009 it was on 15th place on the list of the most popular names for girls in Sweden, with 574 persons given the name Ida that year.

I found this very interesting information here:

I hope you have a great day!

Ida, the hard-working one ;O)


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