A very nice afternoon

Good evening people!

I'm off to bed very soon, I'm exhausted after a long day!

I have had a great afternoon though! As I told you earlier I went to the centre to meet my friend Yesi. We had ice-cream and a lot of girl talk! ;O)

I missed the bus home to Meco, so I took the one to Alcalá thinking that maybe Carlos could pick me up there... but of course he wasn't home, he had to go working again due to some problems with the electric lines... sooo there I was standing in Alcalá in the rain waiting for the next bus... haha finally I got home at least! soooo tired!

Well, thanks Yesi for a really nice afternoon, hope to see you again very soon!

Here comes some pictures from the day:

The square in front of the royal palace

The royal palace

Towards the "Square of Spain" (Plaza España)

Me and Yesi

The very lovely and beautiful bus station in Alcalá ;O) hehehe NOT!

Sleep tight everyone!


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