Argentina tickets and birthday celebration

Good Sunday on everyone! ;O)

I know you can't really say like that, but it sounds so great, hehe.

This week has been quite good actually. We have finally booked the tickets to our Argentina trip!! So great! I can't wait, I want to go on vacations now!

I'll tell you more about it when we have it all planned ;O)

By the way, yesterday was Carlos birthday! He turned 33 years old, and we celebrated it with a nice lunch on an Italian restaurant in the centre of Madrid. He picked me up after work with the motorbike and I didn't know where we were going yet, hehe so nice! Afterwards we went for a walk to see the Argentinian market that they had organized at the big square in the centre, "Plaza Mayor". We also passed by the big shop street with all the luxury shops in Madrid "Calle Serrano" to see how they had renovated it. They had a big party there to inaugurate the new look of the street. When we got home we watched a film before heading for bed, and I gave Carlos the presents of course. I will show you the pictures of the day later as I'm not at home right now...

Have a really nice Sunday afternoon!


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