Some more of Buenos Aires

Hey there!

We're having a great time here in Argentina. How great to finally have some vacations!
We've been all around the city by now it feels like, but that's not really true because it's sooooo big! So I think we haven't even seen half of it... but the most famous things I think we have seen... and today we went for a trip outside the city to go on a boat tour on the big delta of the river Paraná, and to see the small city Tigre. I loved it!

I leave you for now... but I'll give you some new pictures to watch until next time...

The view from our hotel room ;O) nice!

In the modern part of town, Puerto Madero

This is what I call BIG roots!

The Japanese Garden

Sleep tight! Now I'm heading for bed at least, tomorrow there will be a new adventure, I'm sure!

Postat av: hanna

härligt det ser ut!! kram

2010-11-18 @ 05:56:54

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