Eight things you might not know about me

Here are eight things that you might not know about me:

1. I played football for about 10 years when I was younger.

2. I was called Addi during many of those years as we were 3 Ida on the team (Ida backwards but with one more d).

3. When I was little I wanted to become an indian when I grew up ;O)  (like the ones in the western movies).

4. For two months I, together with about 20 other persons, held the Guiness World Record for the longest class. We had mathematics for 26 hours in a row! Was fun but I wouldn't do it again! ;O)

5. I want to become a clown one day (only on my spare time though). I love theater! Seeing it, acting... all theater!

6. My two favourite songs are "I'll be missing you" by Puff Daddy and "World hold on" by Bob Sinclar.

7. When I was little I hated to make those formal pictures you had to make every year at the kindergarden and I look angry or sad on pretty much all of them. The only one that I smile on is the one where they let me sit with my twin sister, so I hugged her the hardest I could and smiled! ;O) lol  I love that picture!

8. My talent in life is to study, at least that's what my grades tell me.

Addi the clown! ;O)

If there is something else you might wanna know about me, just ask and I will try to answer!

See you later!

Postat av: Hanna

yeah I remember that pic where u hugged me. It's the only one I'm not smiling on :P hahaha.. I knew all theese things about u, strange eh? ;) also that u for many many years had a strange disire to own a little pig.. u loved all kinds of pigs, but u wanted a small one for a pet :) kiss kiss to my beautiful clown-twin

2010-08-19 @ 10:58:44
URL: http://kompez.blogg.se/
Postat av: Gaymasen

Haha. Indian och clown? Not bad!

Men matten var det coolaste. Att ni orkade.. Haha. Men kul grej ändå! :D

2010-08-19 @ 13:00:59
URL: http://g

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