Sweden 16-27 July Part 1: Gothenburg

Hey there!

I'll start to tell you about my adventures in Gothenburg during the first weekend of my holidays at home in Sweden.

We arrived to Gothenburg in the evening, directly from the airport of Copenhagen. It was a little bit difficult to find my sister's place as she has moved since I was there the last time, but after like 5 telephone calls, almost missing to get off the tram at the right stop and some walking... we got there! ;O)

After many hours of travel we were kind of tired... hihi  But my sister and Peo had made a really nice dinner for us when we arrived, jummy! Afterwards we went for a walk to the harbour to move those legs a little after 3 hours on a plane and 4 on a train... 

Some nice pictures from the harbour.

The next day we went for a long walk around the whole harbour area. We got to see parts of Gothenburg that I had never seen before and I have to say that Gothenburg has some really nice places to discover!

The view from the bridge over the harbour area, so nice!

The view towards the other shore.

Me and my nephew on the way over the bridge. We brought my sister and Peos bikes so that two of us could rest from the walking when we got tired ;O)

Carlos and my nephew under the bridge we just passed.

Me inside the fish ;P

What about living in one of those houses?!! On the county side but still so close to the centre of the city!

Me and Carlos took the boat back to the centre, while my sister and Peo went with the bikes.

Left: like the boat we went with...
Right: The boat I wanna go with! ;O) hihi  It's one of the old big ships that have their home in the Gothenburg harbour, so beautiful!

When we got back to the centre, we went to the candy shop "4-gott", where they have all sorts of candy! I thought I came to the paradise! ;P 

In the evening we went to Linnéas place for some partying! It was a long time since I met my friends from my time at the university in Skövde, so it was great to catch up a little with them. It was a great evening!

Me, Anna and Linnéa, "tha gang"! ;P

The view from Linnéas apartment, soooo nice! I'm not jealous, no no.... ;O)

Me, trying to get some nice curls in my hair... it's much more difficult than it looks like! haha

Jonas, Linnéa and one of Linnéas friends

Crazy time on the tram

The day after my parents came to pick us up, and all of us went to the camping of Örn, near Smögen on the west coast of Sweden about 100 km north of Gothenburg.... also called "the paradise" (even if only by me)  :O)

So, more about the trip next time!

Postat av: Josefin Staaf

Kul att du är hemma i sverige igen! Hoppas du har en trevlig semester!


2010-08-03 @ 08:06:58
URL: http://josefinstaaf.com
Postat av: Gaymasen

Ser mysigt ut! Och vacker bild på dig och Carlos. :)

2010-08-04 @ 12:28:23
URL: http://gaymasen.se

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