Pool, work, power walking and some other things

Hi there!

I'm sorry for the very bad updating of my blog during the last weeks, I have to get better!

During the last days I have been to the pool a couple of times, which resulted in a burned back and nose.. not so much though so now I'm fine again ;O) . It's so great to go to the pool and just relax and forget about all other things that you have to do... Besides this I have been working of course... I'm on the late shift right now, not my favourite shift but what to do?

Yesterday my friend Jess, one of my old collegues from work, came for a quick visit to Madrid. She now lives in Milan so I don't see her that much. Well, as I had to work in the afternoon we met in the morning for some shopping and then we had lunch before I headed off for work. It was great to meet her and catch up.
After work Carlos picked me up and we went to have dinner at an asian restaurant before going home. What a great day it was yesterday :O)
I'm sorry to say that I forgot my camera, so no pictures ;(

This morning Carlos woke me up at 9 o'clock to ask me if i wanted to come running with him... my reaction: eeeeh? what? am I still dreaming? and then when I understood he was serious, I promised to come if we went power walking instead... so after the breakfast that's what we did! One hour of fast walking outside the village in the countryside! I love it! So more of that from now on I hope!

And now I'm sitting at work again... let's see what plans Carlos will have for us this evening! Hope it's something funny!

Have a nice Saturday everyone!

Postat av: jenni

ohhhh... i wonder what Gijs would say if i asked him to go jogging w me on the weekend! lol dont think he'd take it well :P

but i miss the pool! isnt it great to just lay there?! for some reason, maybe the sun blazing on your eyes, my mind just blanks out! its great! sounds like good times :)

2010-08-09 @ 11:33:58

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