My village

Good night all people!

I thought I should show you some pictures from the village where I live. It's about 40 km from Madrid and has around 12.000 habitants or something like that (not sure about this hehe).

So here we go:

the church

the townhall

on the road to the centre of the village

these are the views from just outside the village... lovely fields! :O)

this is my home ;O) hihi, just kidding! I wish!

This is my real home and it's nice too ;O)

Today we went to the village next to ours with the bicycles. It's so nice to get some exercise and to get out in the nature for a while. The road we take is an old one and it's nothing but fields and olivetrees around it, so it's calm and so nice to go cycling there. I forgot to bring the camara though so the pictures will have to wait until next time.

Hope you will have a nice day! I will go home to sleep a bit in a few hours.. longing for my bed already!


Postat av: Mia

Tuse tack så snällt! Jag blir jätteglad! Tror att du är svensk men för att vara på den säkra sidan; Thank you so much, you made me so happy! Stoor kram!! Mia - MySketches

2010-08-18 @ 13:28:08
Postat av: Hanna

Fina fina Mecco (vet fortfarande inte hur det stavas hehe) :)

2010-08-19 @ 23:32:37

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