A surprise!

Hi there!

Do you know what I got when I got home from work today??!! No? Well, I'll tell you!

A SUUURPRISEEE!!!! Yes, it is true! A present laying there for me.... ME! Oh, I love it!

My cutie had bought this jacket for me, one of those that stops the wind from getting into your bones haha.. and he bought exactly the style that I love! Oh, boy do I love surprises!!!!!

You might think I'm crazy now, but the thing is that my boyfriend is not the very romantic guy. I'm the one that stands for that part mostly in this relationship, and he is the practical person that makes everything be done and work as it should... what is exactly what I need as I'm a bit of a disaster for some of those things ;O) sooo, this kind of things just don't happend that very often... which makes me feel like the happiest person on earth when it actually do happend!

So this is THE JACKET:

my very own special jacket!

Thank you thank you thank you my love! :O)

Postat av: jenni

awww!!! thats so sweet!!i know how you feel. Gijs is the same. he's great for my bday but as for a surprise...hmmm lol anyways... CUTE! :D

2010-08-10 @ 21:11:47
Postat av: Hanna

åh vilken fin jacka!! vad snäll han är, din Kalle! kram till er båda

2010-08-10 @ 21:39:41
URL: http://kompez.blogg.se/
Postat av: Gaymasen

Aw, vad snällt! Vilken positiv överraskning! :D

Och tack så mycket! Både för komplimangen och gratulationen, haha. :)

2010-08-11 @ 12:00:27
URL: http://gaymasen.se

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