Good food and better dessert

Good evening sweeties!

This has been a really good food day! Then I mean that we have eaten lots of really tasty things!

For dinner we made fish with mashed potatoes, mmmmm!

And for dessert today I made my first brownies! they turned out really jummy! ;P

They look a bit strange but taste like heaven! ;O)

And to finish it in the best way I put some strawberries on the top of the brownies for the dessert, but we ate it up so fast I didn't get any picture of that one haha!

The strawberries have already arrived to Spain! mmmmm soooo tasty!

This is what I call a nice dinner at home! ;O)

The bad thing with the day is that my eczema on my hands got really bad during the night and had gotten all swollen and strange when I woke up this morning... was at the doctors and now I got a new creme to put on so hopefully it'll get better!

Well I'm off to bed now! Sleep tight and have a nice day tomorrow!



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