Things to like about Spain

Hey there!

Ok, now that I have lived here for almost 2 years, I must say that I like living in Spain (even though I get a little bit tired of the people here sometimes due to the cultural differences). Well, so therefore I have listed some things to like about this Mediterranean country:

1. The sun! Of course it's great to have so many more sunny days on the year than in Sweden (even if I would never really admit this to the Spanish people...Sweden has many sunny days too, right? maybe not...)

2. The friendly people: people are more open to other people they don't know here and they express their feelings in a much more open way, I like it!

3. Mallorca: the place where I found my love, so it will always be special to me. And I really like the island!

4. There are so many old and beautiful cities and villages! And so many beaches! And don't forget the palm trees! I love palm trees! ;O)

5. The "tapas": there are so many jummy dishes here, and in some bars you get a small dish for free with the drink!

6. The "tortilla española" (Spanish omelette): It's an omelette with potatoes, eggs and onion, JUMMY!

7. The night life: you find people on the streets 24 hours a day here and there is a much more intense feeling of living outside.

8. The prices: there are so many things that are cheaper here! One very important example for someone coming from the Nordic countries: the alcohol! ;O) (even if I must say that I drink very little alcohol since I live here, but just the fact that it's cheap is enough...haha)  

Well, I think I will stop for today... maybe there will be a second part some day, who knows!

Good night sweet friends!

"Spain is different" as the Spanish people say ;O)  and nice!

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Postat av: Mr Thai

Well, I don't think one have to like everything in a country only because you live there.

After me years in Thailand I soon came to the conclusion that everything so many people say about Swedish people can be applied even in Thailand.

We are all people even if there of course can be some differences over all all things Swedish people complain about their fellow citizens are found elsewhere too. Don't know if you have come to the same conclusion :)

2010-10-10 @ 06:56:31
Postat av: Josefin

Åh, nu blev jag så sugen på att åka till SPANIEN. Har bara varit i Barcelona en gång för 8 år sedan. Synd att de har så få Radissonhotell! Min kille jobbar nämligen inom företaget och vi bor alltid på dessa när vi åker utomlands...


2010-10-15 @ 20:29:48

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