Mum and dad were here

Good night in tha hood!

Now I have night shift at work again... and hopefully I will get some life in this blog again!

As I told you, my parents were here for a visit. We had a great time, even if the weather wasn't really that nice during the days they were here. Among other things we went for a walk in the centre, we went shopping a lot, we went for a day trip to Segovia as my parents hadn't been there before. And of course we went to Alcalá for some tapas, and also to see the medieval festival that they celebrate there every year at this time, due to the anniversary of Cervantes (a very famous writer from the Middle Ages that wrote the stories about Don Quijote).

Well, it was a great time! ;O)

Some pictures from the week:

My parents in front of the Royal Palace in the centre of Madrid

Having lunch at one of the many outdoor cafés in Madrid; sun, paella and wine ;O)
how typical Spanish isn't that?!! 

Some pictures from the medieval market:

This is Don Quijote and his follower, Sancho Panza from the stories of Miguel Cervantes.

At this market they all kinds of things from nice neclaces and bracelets, scarfs, decoration, typical Spanish food ect. And all the vendors are dressed like in the Middle Ages and the stands are made like in the old times as well. It's a really nice atmosphere and I really recommend to visit this market if you are in Madrid in October.

All four of us in front of the huge aqueduct in Segovia. It's a roman construction from the time they ruled in Spain and it is over 1000 years old and 28 metres high, but still standing! ;O)

The view from the stairs that lead up on the side of the aqueduct to the part of the city where you find the cathedral.

Some nice music on the street. The best was that his dog was the singer ;O)

The cathedral of Segovia. Impressive!

And to end the week: a walk in the park and in the evening a nice massage and some sauna ;O)

Sleep tight everyone!

Postat av: Gaymasen

Ser härligt ut!

Synd dock att det fina vädret kom tillbaka när de åkte. Haha. Blir väl så när svenskarna invaderar. ;)

2010-10-18 @ 21:40:36

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