The beautiful Argentina

Hi there!

I'm back home and everything is back to normal.

What a trip we had! It's been really great and now we're already thinking about where to make the next trip! :O)

Here comes some more pictures from Argentina. We were mostly in and around Buenos Aires, and then 5 days in the south of the country in Ushuaia, a really beautiful place!

Buenos Aires:

The delta of the river Paraná, in the north of Buenos Aires

The ranch Cinacina outside Buenos Aires.


There are so many pictures, so I just show you some of them. Hope you like them!
Have a nice evening!

Postat av: Julia

son fotos muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuy bonitas! y que contrastes....calor y frio, ciudades grandes, selva, hielo, pingüinos....

2010-12-10 @ 23:53:38

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