Sweden 16-27 July: Part 2 - Camping on the west coast

Hi there!

As I have promised to give you the rest of the story about my adventures in Sweden this summer, here comes the second part! I guess most of you have already seen most of the pictures on my facebook, but there might be some that I didn't show there! So have a look! ;O)

After being in Gothenburg with my sister and friends, we went with my parents and my sister and her family a bit further to the north (about 100km north of Gothenburg) on the west coast for some relax at the camping. Here comes some pictures from these wonderful days!

Arriving at the camping

Our caravan and tent, all ready and set for the week!

We got a nice welcome from our new friend ;O)

The first evening we took a walk to the "boat bay" of the camping.

The next day was a bit cloudy and we went for a long walk at one of the natural reserves over there. We found blue berries, thousands of blue berries! and I ate a lot! :P jummy!

On the third day we went for a tour with the bicycles to the Island of Malmön. So nice!!!

Beautiful, isn't it?!

Close to the camping you see these beautiful views :O)

The day after we went to see the sailing boats by the canal "Sotenäskanalen", where there is one of those bridges that moves when the boats need to go through. We bought pizza and had pic-nic by the canal!

me, my twinsister and Peo having fun by the canal.

Carlos trying to look like the big guys in the movies ;O)  Cutie!

In the evening we went to the "bath bay" of the camping. Before going down to the water you have to pass by this mountain with the best view there is! :P

When you are at the west coast you have to visit Smögen, one of the most turistic places over here, but still very nice. And if you look for some nice atmosfhere and lots of partying sailors, then this is the place to be!

In the evening we went to the "Boat Bay" at the camping to fish crayfish and have barbecue! Lovely!

And that's the story about the camping! :O)

Postat av: Josefin Staaf

Look like lots of fun! ^^


2010-08-12 @ 11:59:00
URL: http://josefinstaaf.com
Postat av: DG

Härliga västkusten, så fina bilder

2010-08-12 @ 19:57:48
URL: http://dergham.blogg.se/

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